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and inside each of those two wolves are another two wolves… yes, you in the back?

good question.

early models assumed the wolves were massless for convenience. today we know from careful measurements of rotational inertia that each wolf does have a small mass, but that the mass of each subsequent generation of wolves is distributed according to a ratio that does converge to a finite bound. unfortunately, that mass is too small for most estimates of dark matter prevalence.

pile of yellow fibre patches lookin kinda like spaghetti...

if i can't read your email in a terminal, your email sucks

kinda thinking about setting up a masto/some other fedi instance on my own domain

semiconductor companies can't cook. all they know is cause disaster, hide the datasheet, bicker over intellectual property, sell hot chip & lie

this is it.... i have found the worst game programming take i will ever see

everyday I'm ignoring more and more responsibilities

me, to myself: quit touching your face quit touching your face quit touching your face

me, when im not paying attention: biting on my fingers, rubbing my eyes and just rubbing my hands all over my head i guess

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