Girlfriend is a trans microgender and it's about time we took it back from the cis tbh

What if your rice cooker was spring loaded like a toaster

wrong, food 

setting up a carbonation rig exclusively to carbonate milk

SickOS, the OS that will make you say "Yes... Ha ha ha... YES!!"

HALLOWEEN TIP: do NOT unwrap every fun size Twix you have and leave them floating in a giant bowl of Purell outside your house for trick-or-treaters

people will consider YOU the jerk, despite all the hard work you put into trying to make this a safe holiday for all involved

broke my phone screen. tried to replace it. 2 screens in, both described as "original": 1 where the backlight and colours were kinda wonky and the fingerprint reader doesn't work, and now one that only goes full brightness, and the fingerprint reader only half works.

fun times.

you ever clean a window and think "this is good" and then move 6mm sideways and realise you've never fucked up so badly in your life

love scrambling to replace and set up equipment less than a week before a major event

also dealing with the issues that pop up with changing shit with no planning

instead of a brain i got a 2 liter of flat diet coke up there

is it gay to look at your homies' posts. you're literally letting something that came out of them enter your holes 😳

yelling "BUSSY" through a megaphone in the middle of the library

and inside each of those two wolves are another two wolves… yes, you in the back?

good question.

early models assumed the wolves were massless for convenience. today we know from careful measurements of rotational inertia that each wolf does have a small mass, but that the mass of each subsequent generation of wolves is distributed according to a ratio that does converge to a finite bound. unfortunately, that mass is too small for most estimates of dark matter prevalence.

pile of yellow fibre patches lookin kinda like spaghetti...

if i can't read your email in a terminal, your email sucks

kinda thinking about setting up a masto/some other fedi instance on my own domain

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