need an australian to explain this meme to me

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@dreamsofcheese can't wait for the ozzies to explain themselves on this one


beats me. the Victoria / New South Wales conflict has never been particularly acrimonious.

@Nikolai_Kingsley something about (shopping) "carts" versus (milk) "crates" maybe?


there might be something in how people from NSW tend to abandon milk crates while people from Vic tend to abandon shopping trolleys, but i've seen both lying around in back alleys in Melbourne, so it might just be a slightly inept meme attempt.

In NSW people leave Coles trolleys everywhere and in Victoria people leave milk crates everywhere

@amy @dreamsofcheese a dude tried to stab someone the other day and someone tackled him and shoved a crate on his head on the ground

someone else attacked someone last year and people shoved him in a shopping trolley or smth

we use grocery transports instead of guns for our protection here 😎
@ibrokemypie @dreamsofcheese He looks like the guy that played Zuckerberg in that movie.
@amy @dreamsofcheese that movie? also i read that as zoidberg like five times
@ibrokemypie @dreamsofcheese The facebook movie from like 2008 or whenever. I don't remember much about it.

@dreamsofcheese in melbourne last year, an armed assailent was stopped by a guy with a shopping cart. yesterday a guy with a knife was stopped in sydney with a milk crate an wicker chair

@dreamsofcheese i imagine melbourne will counter by stopping a guy with a machete using a golden gaytime wrapper and a coat hanger

@dreamsofcheese There were two attacks in recent times, one in Melbourne and one just the other day in Sydney. in the Melbourne one, a homeless guy held off the attacker with a shopping trolley. In the Sydney one, something similar happened but with a milk crate (I haven't actually heard the details of that one but I've seen other jokes to that effect).

@dreamsofcheese they’re probably at a crossroads and one of them wants to turn right.

@dreamsofcheese OK, so I got answers over the weekend. Apparently someone tried to go on a stabbing spree and the locals pinned em to the floor with a shopping cart and milk crate until the police could arrive.

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