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little brother is scrolling the tl with me. please dont post any swears thank you


@gonzo someone linking you folk punk is grounds for defederation,

i dont post about capitalism cuz theres a not zero chance someone will @ me w mega guillotine by ajj again

dont tell rico but i think that some folk punk is pretty good

Jojo, watch out! She's an enemy stand user, and we're in her range!

major win in the foss wars today as the amnesia series goes open source

the fan cameras for this csgo tournament are the saddest thing. its like 5 greasy dudes at a time on webcams in the dark making 😐 face

eugen: i will protect you from all rogue lizards. you are not a "Goblin" . Your an angel
me: Im an angel. Im intelligent. Im not a goblin

mumford and sons should have made more songs about shooting bankers repossessing your farm and less songs about being sad your son doesnt like you

my ass was not made for this tiny, tiny world we live in

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sometimes i feel like people hate me for being forklift certified. it's not my fault my huge gigantic ass cannot fit on the seat of this small warehouse vehicle

either extreme instantly invalidates neoliberalism from top to bottom, if human life is worth nothing, well than that would mean that MY life as CFO of Jagoff Inc. is worth nothing! and that cant possibly be true! and on the other hand, if human lives ARE worth more than anything else, then i would be forced to confront the reality that i have spent every single day of my life grinding people down into dust, for no reason other than my own comfort

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there really seems to be a paucity of fear in the ruling class of this country

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hmm maybe politicians should live in fear for their lives, actually

2020 is like the greatest hits compilation of every societal problem the US has ever had crammed into one year

i might be more susceptible to denouncements of chinese state repression by the US if i hadnt spent the last six months watching the US state repress everyone

[Me]: *picking petals off of flower* "She cucks me, she cucks me not, she cucks me..."

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