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Supreme Court Raid:

Thomas: first boss, classic tank and spank, pretty easy

Gorsuch: straightforward caster boss fight, stay out of the fire

Breyer: rare spawn mini-boss

Kagan: deceptively difficult, PUG killer

Kavanaugh: summons mobs to protect him, have to focus fire them while tank holds threat

Alito: dark warlock, complex mechanics, guild breaker

RBG: has two phases, squishy caster and powerful melee damage dealer

Roberts: final boss, illusionist, targets healers

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Egg on my face when I go fight the Supreme Court and RBG throws off her robe to reveal that she’s fucking shredded, just pumped full of adrenochrome like a geriatric Bane. Alito is probably a warlock too.

Here's a fun fact. The "op-ed" is not an ancient, venerable print tradition.

The modern "op-ed" was invented in the 1970s by the New York Times to stir up drama and get back the readers they had lost to TV news.

Traditionally, newspapers only printed editorials that the owners and/or staff were willing to stand behind.

Tom Cotton 

i finally release the pressure in my neck muscles, my house is immediately leveled, my headache is gone


Sometimes I imagine showing 2020 headlines to myself circa 2015, and asking past me what kind of surrealistic hellscape has/will come to pass.

its been cool to find out which people i went to high school with are cool and which ones are going to hell

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