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this may not be "politically correct", but I never really "got" cranberries. grapes are fine

its almost been a year. One of you needs to steal some bones

maybe if i lived in an underground bunker there would not be any moths. food for thought

oops i ate a whole bag of cheetos and now im going to die

shitting MY pants to establish dominance over the child i'm babysitting

ate a whole package of mucinex and now im stopping cars on the freeway with a single punch

sick liver damage bruh. yea I’m getting my stomach pumped right now haha. slept with this crust punk i met crawling around the sewers the other day. I’ve still not recovered!!!!

ah geez doc. i don’t know where all these pustules came from or the thorn tattoos made out of blood. i guess i just stared at my soul a little too long until all its superficial features melted off and left behind a blindingly luminous core of hate!!

without i could not extol the virtues of my all seawater hydration plan

getting the lads round so we can stare intensely into each other's eyes

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