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hey whats up, its me, the guy without sin. im here for a rock throwing appointment?

me: who is the shin kicker

the shin kicker: i am the shin kicker!!! *kicks me in the shins*

in the old days you had to make the beeping noise yourself when you were making a frozen pizza so it wouldnt burn

put Crungus McGrungus in smash bros (he's the horrible demon in my dreams that won't stop pushing me down the stairs)

cat ears are perfect because they are little triangles. i proved it with geometry.

Just remembered one time on here I said the Little Caesar mascot was anti-circumcision and someone responded asking me for sources

while i have to admit that im intrigued, im still not gonna watch it

these damn social justice types can’t take talk like a pirate day from me lmao

Columbus was a bitcj then. He's a bitxh now.

podcast that's just me, it's just me and i talk at you, i have a lot to say, you love it.

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