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smoothing out the wrinkles in my brain so my brain looks longer.



sorry, theres too many big brained jokes on here, which is why i amplify my dumbass energies as a buffer

i post completely for free. the least you could do is like my posts

vaping oregano and calling everyone my paisano for a solid 2 hours while accordion music plays in my head

Seven years ago the Wall Street Journal included this infographic in an article about how increasing federal taxes will impact your average everyday families with average everyday incomes, so, just think about this while you’re delivering for doordash making $1.25/hr

instead of making me commute to work where i do nothing of value they should just give me money for doing nothing of value at home

My identity isn't defined by my feet, I'm more than just feet

okay here goes: if you like nintendo games fuck you. splatoon avatar having ass

haha philosphy? have you ever tried using your frontal cortex instead?

everyone talks about the bernie bro
but no one talks about
this bernie enby

i simply never have any opinions that people care about and am thusly unblockable

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