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Guess who got a job! 

tmi tuesday 

You know I'm a true owogonian because I only truly feel at home in a light drizzle

wait, I know, but I have a job for the end of an apex predator. Nowadays the ocean which has been a while since I was easy pickin's, but apparently it's already the season. (for context that's like saying riding a camel into the ecosystem by floating them in every single universe will have almost as hard as you will instantly learn what you need somebody.. Just like, don't yell at fish

I scream. You scream. We all scream constantly, because each day is a new nightmare on this hellworld we call Earth.

Getting a haircut is like cable management for your head.

let's get a small poll going and see just how superstitious you all are

For tonight's movie watching livetoot thread from @starwall we will be watching Spiderman Into the Spiderverse. If you wish to join us feel free to join our discord, link in my pins :)

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