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There’s a fake cereal ok Sesame Street called “PlatyPuffs” and has a cartoon platypus on the box and now I’m insulted this isn’t a real cereal I can buy.

Might just lay here on the couch and watch romcoms until I get the undying urge to clean my house.

Fun fact.

Wild Bill Hickok was born and raised in the same county in Illinois I grew up in.

He was from a tiny ass town that I’ve driven through a million times in my life - as it’s in between where I lived and where my grandparents farm is.

Season one of the tv version of “Lore” - good.

Season two - not good.

Fun fact I just learned.

Apparently people in France were executed by guillotine until the 1970s.

I also am thankful that I don’t lug around two large half empty bags because how dare my children of opposite genders have stuff not in either a pink or blue bag.

Like fuck. Get one gender neutral colored bag and carry one instead of two, ya dumb idiot.

There’s a child of about two here at the park who’s name is Gertie.

Apparently I look good in my top today?

So far an old lady at the store told me that I should “put my tits away if I want to be out in public”

And then later at the park a dude sat next to me and said that “It must be hell to be a single parent these days” in an attempt to hit me up.*

Such weird responses.

*Side note - the dude in question is a parent but not single. He is here with his wife and two small children. But I don’t know their situation.

Every day I am thankful to not be married to a person who thinks it’s our duty to God to have as many kids as possible.

Like, there’s a lady here who’s currently pregnant with her 7th kid.

No one needs 7 kids.

Decided to start watching “Good Omens.”

Can’t decide how I will handle a show with both David Tennant and Jon Hamm.

Imagine going through life being so dumb you think ginger beer has actual beer in it.

My 3 year old just said that @Bryanne is more important than me.

Body Image/ Self Esteem - 

Why don’t more fast food places have a chicken biscuit sandwich as a breakfast option?

You’re already making biscuits for other sandwiches....and you already make chicken sandwiches on buns at lunch.

You have the stuff!

Make it work!

Get your shit together fast food places.

I’m still trying to figure out why so many people thought Downton Abbey was a good show.

And why I actually spent time time to watch all the episodes.

My thoughts upon finishing watching Downton Abbey. 


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