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Made it through Iron Man and Iron Man 2. Time for Thor.

Gonna rewatch all of the MCU movies in order.

First up, Iron Man.

Me when I learn a show I like is airing a new season.... but then find out I don’t have that channel.

Which one of you jerks forgot to tell me that there’s a season 3 of Documentary Now! airing atm.

Gotta go watch the two episodes out already.

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The future millennials are building is one where you can be a working professional and share your nudes online

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an assortment of telephoned questions the info desk at New York Public Library used to get before the digital age:

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This Is Just To Say

i have tooted
the memes
that were in
your brainbox

and which
you were probably
for a shitpost

Forgive me
they were delicious
so sweet
and so cold

I just wanna be happy.
And pretty.
And pay all my bills without worrying.

And like, it really sucks that I can't seem to do any of those.

Sorry. Just suddenly having a bad day and I'm just gonna post through it cause its all I can do.

A big problem I have with this class is its really about teaching critical thinking skills. And too often my students are like - can you just tell me the answer. And I'm like... what if I told you there is no answer and I just wanna hear your thoughts and opinions on the material and see you make connections.

And they're all like... *silence* and then, "No. But really. What's the answer?"

Today is just gonna be a kinda feel bad about everything day, isn't it?

Today is a day where I feel like a bad teacher because they are sitting in class working on something instead of me teaching.....

Why is it only 65 degrees in this classroom?

I really want a day where I just lay in bed and binge watch something and that's it...

But alas, I know that won't happen.

I haven't worked all week and that's making it really hard to work now.

Like.... can I just not?

There are so many memes floating around and I have no idea what they are talking about...

And not only do I not want to ask what they mean, I'm pretty sure I don't want to know.

Part of me wishes I hadn't sold my sewing machine... and that I knew how to use it.

I kinda want to get a new one and learn how to use it and get really into making cute dresses.

Thinking that maybe I'll cultivate my histper professor brand more so by only wearing dresses when the spring gets here.

Also maybe bringing in my record player and listening to it in my office.

Anything else I can do?

I'm just gonna sit here and look at all the vintage inspired dresses on ModCloth and wish I had a sizeable clothing budget to buy a bunch of them.

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