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Ooh. Maybe I’ll make my novel course about dual narratives. Either stories with multiple POVs or retelling of stories from different perspectives - such as Jane Eyre vs Wide Sargasso Sea

Today I learned I can teach any 7-8 novels for my lit class entitled “The Novel” in the Fall.

But I also learned I need to have my book order in by Monday.

I want a loose theme to the novels. I have some ideas - maybe themes of Revolution, I also like the idea of talking about political novels....and maybe of ghosts and magic.


So we’re talking about multimodal projects - the idea that a term paper isn’t the only option to demonstrate higher order thinking and research.

Basically that instead of writing a paper you could easily do a YouTube video essay instead.

And all the olds are like, it’s not the same! How do you grade that? It’s not as much work!

And I’m like........

Free Jimmy Johns lunch today for being at this meeting. Huzzah.

In an academic meeting today for the next 3.5 hours.

Love meetings. Especially when we're a department of 5 and one person is leaving next semester and the other isn't gonna be there today.

No one has ever had a crush on me.

That's not a complaint. I am not the emotion police. People can like who they like.

Reading a paper where a student is talking about how 20 years ago it was shamful and uncommon for people to have sex early in their relationship or before they were even married and I'm like....

20 years ago was 19-fucking 99.

I need help here...

If you were told in class, it was posted on the class website, and you got an email saying you needed to do something "by Thursday's class"... and its been emphasized the sooner you do it the better... because you're being given an extension for something that was to be done on Tuesday....

Do you understand that as meaning

Have you ever just been sitting around and suddenly out of nowhere you feel awful? Like sickness has hit you like a ton of bricks?

Love to start my day off feeling pissed off because no one gives a shit about class.

One damn person showed up 4 minutes late. And that is it.

As a teacher, how long do I sit in my empty classroom and wait for students to show up?

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I would get behind the lady at walmart who is buying Easter stuff for her 9 kids.

*bangs head on desk*

I just spent 5 minutes arguing with a student that Game of Thrones is not educational television.

He kept saying, "but I learned about other people's lives and about heroism!"

Me: That's not the point of the fucking show. You can easily watch it because you like dragons and tits!

Just gonna sit and watch some Good Place to make my students watch some for class.

TFW your transmission needs repair and then the check engine light comes on in your car.

And the car has known issues of needing full transmission replacement.

A repair that costs more than the car is worth.

And you do not have money for that or the funds to replace the car.

The Wisconsin badger looks so smug. I just wanna punch him in the face.

Just sitting here and listening to the That Thing You Do! soundtrack.

And now I wanna go watch the movie.

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