HEY! Delete your Airbnb account today!!

May 15th is the 71st anniversary of Al-Nakba, when Palestinians were forced from their homes after the establishment of Israel in 1948.

"In January, human rights organisation Amnesty International issued a report that accused Airbnb and other travel firms of profiting from "war crimes" by 'normalising' illegal settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem."

Airbnb STILL lists homes in occupied Palestinian territories!


Log In > Click on Profile Picture > Account > Settings > Deactivate Account

When it says "Tell us why you're deactivating your account" click "Other" and TELL THEM WHY

Also for the record you can re-activate your account any time and it will bring back any listings or other activity associated with your account.

So if you absolutely need Airbnb (if you rely on listings for secondary income, for instance) you can deactivate just for today in solidarity with Palistinian organizers, and you can re-activate tomorrow or later in the week.

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