My cell phone provider (T-Mobile) just asked me to complete a customer satisfaction survey,

When it asked me if I was happy with T-Mobile I clicked “no.”

It asked my why I was unhappy so I typed, “You provide a necessary service— what once used to be called a ‘utility.’ But you’re classed as providing a commercial commodity, and that’s ethically fucked.”

Then it asked, “What advice would you give our technical support team?”

And I wrote, “Seize the means of production and fire your bosses.”

@cryptograbear I know this pretty much just amounts to leftist trolling, but it made me feel good.

And who knows? Maybe whoever reads it will get nudged a step closer to radicalization.

Or if they’re already there it might give them a morale boost.

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If you google “seize the means of production and fire your boss” (without the quotes) the very first hit is this:

It’s a long form article that takes forever to get to its point, and even makes a subtle dig against the IWW in one of the last paragraphs. Too technical to radicalize anyone who’s not already thinking leftist thoughts.

But it makes some good points, maybe read it if you, I don’t know, happen to take a ridiculously long shit today.

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@cryptograbear was this survey offered to you after you contacted support? If it was, then the “no” counts against the rep and they may get in trouble, lose a bonus, etc.

@jeroenpraat @vulcao No! I am aware of that, would never do such a thing.

The survey popped up while I was using the app. I haven’t contacted T-Mobile support in over two years.

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