Recycling programs are grinding to a halt. Much of what we carefully separate into green bins now ends up in landfills or incinerators.

The Atlantic says, "Americans have had little incentive to consume less." But consumer habits aren't the problem.

We consume what's available to us. Capitalists need to stop pretending that market demand exists in a vacuum, and companies need to start taking responsibility for the shit they manufacture.

@cryptograbear That responsibility needs to be IMPOSED upon capitalists by us through either our public officials or by direct action.


Too true!!

But public officials are in the pockets of the capitalists and companies, as you know. So it's up to us.

The first step is to realize we've been gaslighted into thinking climate change is our fault. That way when shit starts to hit the fan globally we can turn on the oligarchs, rather than one another.

@cryptograbear Wow, this really hits home when you’re 4 sentences into this article and read that junk mail is no longer being recycled.

We don’t ask for it, can’t *really* stop it, and yet getting rid of it “responsibly” is apparently no longer an option.

This is horrifying.

@SuzanEraslan Exactly!! This is not a consumer demand problem, and the ruling class really needs to stop pretending that it is.

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