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I'm an old weirdo acid casualty who has recently been awakened to class struggle ("The working class and the employing class have nothing in common"). Horizontal power structures are HOT. I practice Buddhism and toomfoolery. I do poetry and make songs. I have a girlfriend and she has a cat and I don't know how I'd live without either of them. I've been getting really into cooking lately. I like whiskey and weed and my boss thinks I'm working right now.

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Shit, I typed "toomfoolery." This shall forever be my contribution to posterity.

Catman says “Good morning!”

In the mornings, right after the alarm goes off and he sees that I’m awake, he meows at me then determinedly crosses the room to sit on my chest and purr.

If I then don’t pet him as much as he thinks I should he starts patting my nose and my mouth with his paw until I give him the pets he’s certain he deserves.

Seriously, how can I live like this?


What if my insomnia is a natural response after I’ve spent years pushing my own creative impulses aside so that I can instead spend all of my energy producing wealth for my employers?

What if defaulting to sarcasm/irony is a natural human response to the commodification of sincerity?

i wonder how much money a mcdonalds burger flipper would make if the company was worker owned

You: bed and breakfast
Me: bungeons and bragons

just hijack the meeting and turn it into a workshop for unionizing your workplace

real tempted to jump on my desk shout "why break the glass ceiling when you could demolish the whole building! throw off your pink shackles and join the fight to dismantle capitalism!"

@cryptograbear And I have a long list of things I want to do for an IWW committee I just joined, with no time to do them because I’m working from home every weeknight...

Me at OT101 a few months ago: “I don’t think conditions at my work are bad enough to get my shop to organize a solidarity union lol”

Me at 9:30pm at home tonight: “Well I’m delirious from lack of sleep because I’ve been leaving the office and then working from home until after midnight every night for two weeks straight, but I gotta book those sales so I can get my bonus or else I literally can’t afford to live in the same city as my office— guess I got at least three more hours to go lol”

#Perspective. Things are not always what they seem. The deer is not crossing the road. The road is crossing the forest.

Doug Ford says teachers don't need to strike because they get three months of "vacation".

here is his office phone #:

it's almost like transportation is a societal good that doesnt inherently need to make money and is actually critical infrastructure that supports human existence or something

public transit doesnt make sense because it is impossible to make it profitable and it has to be heavily subsidized by the government! the private sector is more efficient! *capitalist ride sharing services also turn out to not be profitable and are heavily subsidized by investors* ah, nevertheless,

@cryptograbear @worm Wait, are you in the IWW NYC GMB?

Because you’re the first person that favourited this, and it was *just* shared on our Signal channel by someone named... Dorian.


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