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I'm an old weirdo acid casualty who has recently been awakened to class struggle ("The working class and the employing class have nothing in common"). Horizontal power structures are HOT. I practice Buddhism and toomfoolery. I do poetry and make songs. I have a girlfriend and she has a cat and I don't know how I'd live without either of them. I've been getting really into cooking lately. I like whiskey and weed and my boss thinks I'm working right now.

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Shit, I typed "toomfoolery." This shall forever be my contribution to posterity.

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'#Antifa' the #Video Game Wants to Teach #Gamers About #Antifascism. The designer also included lots on #history. Thanks to #ArvindDilawar for giving a shout out to the book #Wobblies of the World! via


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Arrested fellow workers in Richmond need financial support!

Two demonstrators in Richmond were arrested on falsified charges of assaulting the police during our peaceful action demonstrating solidarity with Rojava this past weekend. The Richmond IWW is doing all it can to support these folks who were brutalized by a gang of 15 cops for daring to disrupt Saturday night restaurant business in Richmond to raise awareness about an actual ethnic genocide that is currently happening.

PLEASE give what you can and share this fundraiser as much as you possibly can - these folks are amazing comrades and do so much for our city - help us have their backs!

Every dollar helps!!

My life has been UPSIDE DOWN busy for the last three months.

I'm deeply sorry to my Mastodon family for neglecting all of you.

I just got finished working with a committee for the IWW NYC GMB to draft a statement in opposition of jail expansion in NYC.

Please read it!

Calling all WISE-RA Wobs!

(Boosts appreciated 👍)

@DenimGod is a New York / New Jersey wobbly who is about to move to London for a full year.

Can we get him in touch with some London IWW folks?? ✊


Hey, fellow Prison Abolitionists!!

IWOC NYC is looking for $150 more before the end of the day to meet our goal for the Stop The Raids survival fund:

NYPD has been using organized crime laws to prosecute everyday residents of public housing for crimes committed by someone else— someone they might be Facebook friends with, or someone who might have just had their phone number in their cell phone when they got arrested.

This fund is for commissary for the victims of these unethical raids.

Every little bit helps!! :ancomheart: :ancomheart: :ancomheart:

i could use some money for food to make it to the end of the month. any amount helps.

I’ve been an IWW delegate for just under a month, and I collected my first dues last night!!

I can personally attest that @Naoza is in good standing, and he is paid up through September.

If you’re near NYC and wanna pay your dues— or join the IWW— hit me up!

Last night I told @DenimGod I would connect him with @Naoza and @pwrmnstr , and by heck I’m doing it right now.

Heeey, NY/NJ Wobblies! :ancomheart:

Catman’s job of the day: NASA astrophysicist constantly scanning the sun for solar flare activity, in the hopes that a massive catastrophic solar event might occur that takes down all the satellites. All of them.
He imagines the fallout and purrs.

So, I know there are people with PACER accounts they barely use, and certainly don't come close to the minimum cutoff ($15) to be billed.

I'm one of them, and would volunteer to do lookups and grab documents on others' behalf, if needed. I'm sure there are others that'd do the same.

All right, I made some edits to my twitch channel. I am gonna try and raise $666 for the Montrose Center, a local resource for LGBT Houstonians looking for anything from healthcare to housing. Check out the donate link below!

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