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I'm an old weirdo acid casualty who has recently been awakened to class struggle ("The working class and the employing class have nothing in common"). Horizontal power structures are HOT. I practice Buddhism and toomfoolery. I do poetry and make songs. I have a girlfriend and she has a cat and I don't know how I'd live without either of them. I've been getting really into cooking lately. I like whiskey and weed and my boss thinks I'm working right now.

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Shit, I typed "toomfoolery." This shall forever be my contribution to posterity.

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@cryptograbear My girlfriend tells me that when she first adopted him six years ago he would stretch out and purr whenever she played Cluster, so she almost named him Dieter Moebius.

Somehow her boyfriend at the time convinced her otherwise, so he was named Catman.

I think it’s okay; Catman suits him.

But Catman definitely loves ambient music.

Girlfriend and I made dinner at home and had some pink champagne (rosé cava, to be specific) for Valentine’s Day. For a soundtrack we put on Music for Airports (vinyl, of course) and as soon as it started playing the cat closed his eyes, stretched out his forepaws and started purring.

This cat loves ambient music.

roses and bread
/ roses and bread
singing us hear
/ people the for

Our cat loves fleece. Sometimes I’ll catch him just licking one of our fleece blankets, sometimes for close to an hour.

Once I told my girlfriend I was upset about something and she asked, “Have you tried licking a blanket for forty minutes?”

Buzzfeed News Unionizes ✊

"BuzzFeed recently laid off about 15% of its workforce, and it was, uh, not handled great. But the overwhelming majority of employees are still here. Those who didn't get laid off last month fought for fair severance agreements for our peers, because we know this company is at its best when we advocate for one another."

@cryptograbear Is it rude if I hand them a spare pair of earbuds and ask them to use them?

Special place in heck for people that watch sports games at full volume on their giant cell phones on the bus.

My girlfriend’s father just went to the hospital, so we’re going to miss the IWW NYC GMB meeting tonight. Bummer of a day.

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Missing work when I'm sick is so I don't spread whatever crap I've got to my fellow workers is respectful.

Having to use PTO when I'm sick (since the bosses don't give us sick days) is straight bullshit.

My boss letting me work from home when I'm sick so I don't have to use PTO is still bullshit, but somehow it seems kinda cool when it happens.

Working from home over the weekend while I'm sick because it's the only way I can catch up to all the job creep is just the shittiest bullshit.

I got through after about forty minutes, and they hung up on me as soon as I asked to speak to the chef, owner or manager.

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