An awful dream I had last night 

Was a reformed killer. Flash back to a ski trip where my last enemy has found me. We fight. I ended up defeating by opening up x-shaped gashes on his torso. Helpless, and with a bizarre mutual respect be lays dieing in my arms. In his last breath he askes "is what's on the outside as uglybas what's on the inside." Flash forward, regreting how I had killed him rather than try to save him. I decide that the next right action is all that matter.

Bit of a show down with my boss tomorrow. Need to stay calm, but strong. He may be a little disappointed with my progress, but... Its a long story. Send good vibes my way, radical town.

I could use some chatting tonight to keep me going.

Want to write a long thing here, but need to sleep and hate virtual keyboards. Love everyone here who is kind to people like me.

Pronouns talk 

I don't always think Richard Stallman is reasonable, but I do like his compromise on gender pronouns here.

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Is there a good Mastondon instance for machine learning, neural nets, cognitive science, etc?

How does a mastodon fold a paper airplane?

Nasty vulgar language and Twin Peaks screen cap 

Agent Dale Cooper didn't like birds. Best explanation why wins.

Can we all talk about Twin Peaks today? Because isn't even hip to Twin Peaks references but I bet people here get it.


I just want to post this Genius annotation here, because it strikes me as so important. I hope that doesn't sound facetious, I really find it profound -- radical, even.

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Speaking of bad music - if your a game of Thrones fan, this is Theon Greyjoy's sister in real life.

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