Sticky toot is a lot like the pro wrestling business in a few key ways. in both endeavors you have to learn how to play to the audience. you must learn politics. you must "pay your dues" and "inject anabolic steroids"

Sticky toot
Sticky toot

oh my gosh... CNN is reporting that Stewie Griffin and Fred Flintstone were just killed in a mass shooting. RIP to two legends

Sticky toot

god damn it. at the rap battle again and these fuckers just asked me to jump on stage and rock the mic for the third time this week. i am so sick of jumping on stage and rocking the mic to an adoring audience of stans and haters alike. i fucking hate creating multisyllabic rhymes on the spot and dazzling the onlookers with my verbal skill. i cannot stand making the crowd get on their feet and put their hands in the air. they may not care, but i do.

I Eat Woman’s Pussy Like A Shop Vac: It’s Intense, It’s Reliable, And Every Once In A While Something Goes Wrong And There’s Water All Over The Floor #EddieSmythe

Please tell me what you would do if you went to a wedding where this happened

FRASIER: Niles, when will you admit that you're only collecting those things because they remind you of Maris?
NILES: How dare you? There are many reasons why I'd want these slim plastic dolls with oversized heads and dead, black, voidlike eyes- Oh no

the most epic thing you could do in the 90s was make a punk cover of a classic song

DAPHNE: Oh, I remember those were all the craze back home. The boys would line up by the comic store to get their doctor whos. I always found it so pathetic

breath of the wild mod where link is healyn, the shrines are weddings you're crashing, and the glider is a giant shirt

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all i can say is, well, if i had a cat i would constantly be pulling pranks on it in honor of my hero, television's Jerry The Mouse

Is the happy madison universe better than the view askewniverse? The greatest thread in the history of forums with just two guys posting and being ignored for a decade

just got my democratic ballot in the mail... even better than a letter from hogwarts 😎

the presupposition that people cannot/do not change is probably more of a projection of your own experience than you realize

these days it seems like we all need something to bring us together... that's why i teamed up with my good friend hans to create a new social media which allows you the same capability to post half-baked bullshit as the youtube comment section with the interactivity of warring fiefdoms

:wink_shitty: #FossApps are just a tool they use to control you... let me state it as a metaphor. They want you to eat Appetizers when you need a full intellectual meal

marilyn manson had it so good in the 90s... making money being the joker, talking crap about the Beautiful People, and all the dick he could self-suck

Getting new followers. So I'm gonna do a new #introduction

Magic is real.
Jack Ruby, Sirhan Sirhan and James Earl Ray were all MKUltra manchurian candidates.
Ted Kaczynski is a political prisoner.
You can call me Laser or Jake if we are close

eugen should program a that lets me send my posts to your phone and make it do a big daffy duck scream to notify you like a severe weather alert

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