@patience britney was always a comrade we were just weren’t ready to see it

@comradetaylorswift can’t totally remember but i think it was the day when britney became a comrade

hey how’s everyone handling quarantine oh me? not well

grace's ongoing writing tribulations 

@BestGirlGrace sort of like art majors but noticeably missing the mark

fired from the mike bloomberg campaign for offering an instagram influencer $250 to post a screenshot of mike tweeting “taint smells like a fam”

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:think_weed: , osmosis Jones, war crimes 

@Red that is a wild cw red

I find little quite as affirming as the thumbs up from other queer folks

@comradetaylorswift fired from the Biden campaign social media team for drawing attention to his latest racist/homophobic/misogynistic "gaffe" by apologizing for it

@nutt @comradetaylorswift fired from the mayor pete campaign for requesting health insurance

fired from the andrew yang campaign for failing to get “incel pete” trending

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sorry i haven’t been online i got fired from my job on the klobachar social media team for @ tweeting “its klobberin’ time” at 273 new hampshire swing voters

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