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@comradetaylorswift how dare you not be up to date on the latest developments in fonts

are your teens texting about healyn?? know the signs,

smh : so much healyn
wth : whoa, that’s healyn
hrt : healyn ring toss
imho : i’ll make healyn ours
tbh : tough butt healyn

so I hadn’t heard the “Helvetica Now” news and the other day someone in our art department was like hey Taylor what font should we use for this? And I was like I don’t know uhhhhhh fucking Helvetica and they were like “oh I heard they made a new one” and I thought they were making a neue/new joke and so I was like “oh yeah ha ha” and they just gave me a weird look and now I feel like a d u m d u m

i got about 20 seconds into the JPete v Zyzzyx debate and my nose started bleeding so i'm gonna go take a long long lie-down

i'm sorry i haven't been around again but folks, i have some very exciting personal news,,,

@comradetaylorswift I got this same reaction even though I said "power metal"!

boss: put this thirty feet over there -
me: fool! Simpleton!

(looking around) the observable universe is 29 ft in diameter

lǝʇ ɯǝ ᴉu ʎon ƃnʎs ʇɥᴉs ᴉsu’ʇ ɟnuuʎ

ɐɥ ɥǝld I ʍɐlʞǝp onʇsᴉpǝ ʇɥǝ oqsǝɹʌɐqlǝ nuᴉʌǝɹsǝ ɐƃɐᴉu

Listening to the Pokémon theme on repeat until I internalize the message that my courage will pull me through (doing my laundry)

Do you know who would make for good SSBU DLC? Taylor Swift from the Activision Hero games, of course!

never thought I'd live to see a leftist pro-Palestine Taylor Swift Fan Account making the rounds on Twitter, but as we all know, society has been taken over by Eris, the Greek goddess of chaos

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