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"Taylor, you can't just call everything you don't like 'a cop'"

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thinkin bout just girly things like smashing men's heads into curbs with my big ass combat boots :blobderpy: 🌻 💗

In the distance, a bell rings. Once. The trees hum and the earth rumbles. An albino fox trots up to you, stares you in the eyes.
You know.
There is another Nutt Godd alt.

siri why do other girls look so cute in oversized flannels and i just look like i'm recovering from the flu

i've been having so much fun that i forgot the reason i joined Masto in the first place. i'm a ghost and i'm trying to figure out who murdered me LOL

ah yes now for my favorite time of the week:
figuring out how to fudge my timecard so it looks authentic

I should be able to kick the shit out of every man who touches my lower back when he walks by

Fuck it let's just call December entirely a wash, I'll try to be normal in 2019

Rolling up on your TL with all the thoughts I haven't posted in like a week

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