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i put on Friends Lovers Favorites while i was cleaning my kitchen and folks, my tile has never sparkled like this

what's good in grind core right now? i'm really enjoying HIRS Collective (I know, I was sleeping on them)

I know this is very late but whatever it's still Valentine's day in some areas

Happy valentine’s day! You have one new snap from: Team Snapchat

@comradetaylorswift mmm, Reason and Logic Liqueur hahaha he gave up on even doing puns what a stud

@comradetaylorswift If fucking only! Ben Garrison needs to stop reading my goddamn dreams.

@comradetaylorswift i feel like, after looking at this briefly, that i've spent hours inside of this guy's mind. what a confusing place to be.


I wouldn't call it 'right' necessarily. A boy child on the cusp of puberty might think it is tho.

@comradetaylorswift i nearly died over the mini reason and logic drink.... alright babe, alright,


yeah they don't seem like the kinda folx that'd be down to rim anything.

@comradetaylorswift @whiskeysailor honestly not happy with the glass choice on all three of the drinks on the left. Think Venezuela surprise and marxarita should be switched as well

@comradetaylorswift the puerto rico necklace is just icing on the cake 👌

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