every person is toxic except for the girl reading this

the 2nd amendment is actually about fursuit rights

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Bad news, folks: word just came in that Guy Fieri's private jet has gone missing while he was flying over the Bermuda Shorts Triangle

armed to the teeth to defend sonic from the Haters

alongside the sonic the hedgehog live action movie, there will also be a remixed version of the OVA made by dedicated fans that will outperform the other film

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It's 47 minutes and 13.5 seconds into the Sonic the Hedgehog movie.

Sonic is running through the streets of New York City, while talking to Bewildered Human Protagonist. He collides with a vehicle or building conspicuously marked with a sponsor's logo.

Sonic!! Are you ok?

SONIC (dusting himself off)
Urrgh...Normally when I do that,
rings just come out!!

This joke will be featured in the trailer and the pop song that's playing will stop when he hits the thing

just made some owl city eurobeat. very tasteful

who else had a moviepass before it got nerfed and still felt like it was a ripoff

videogames are better than movies not because videogames are particularly great, but because movies have been deep in the sunken place for a couple decades

a more accurate, but more time-consuming, alternative to the voight-kampff test is to have the subject play the entirety of a persona game. if the subject does not cry at any point, replicant

i dont know what a "meme" is. please dont enlighten me

who will heck with me tonight besides my windbreaker uwu

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