ybn nahmir raps about doing shit in gta so im gonna rap about doing shit in elder scrolls

Architects love challenging what we think of as "a building" by "making ugly shit nobody likes" because they are "too afraid to admit the perfect building is a cube"

libertarian competition fetishism is the only rational economic perspective *sears implements a competing departments policy and runs the entire company into the ground in 15 years* well, that wasnt true libertarianism

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everyone who says things too me on this site is great. except for the randos that dont follow me trying to outwit me in the menchies. those folks will go to the big hell

is youtube only working for me or what exactly is going on

its not that i LIKE having low self esteem, its just that there are 20 people hovering around me waiting to beat me up if i dont self-deprecate on a rigid schedule

i want to observe this beautiful man eating 80 year old meats

(cinema sins voice) pee isnt stored in the balls. what?? *ding*

saint peter reading off every single lie ive told online before hitting the switch for the trap door below me

im deleting my account and throwing away my computer thanks everyone

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