so are there any, like.. newer pictures of the moon?? all the ones ive seen have been black and white..

@citrustwee because of the time it takes for the light to reach us, we're still seeing the moon as it appeared before color was invented 🤗 we should start seeing the moon in color around the year 2034 ✌️

@citrustwee the moon is actually just propaganda created by the Russians during the Cold War, all the pictures are fake

Those common #photographs of the #moon are actually already in color... :awesome:

It's just that the dark night looks black and the bright moon, which has no oceans nor greenery, looks white.

:blobcatpeek: (Please don't shoot the messenger.)


@citrustwee so you can't actually photograph the moon directly, although scientists can't figure out why. Those are all sketches.

@ShartGarfunkel whoa!! okay, yeah, that makes sense. how come people dont color it in though??

@citrustwee only Buzz Aldrin and Tom Hanks know its actual color (distorted by the ozone layer, not even we know it) and they won't share the information unless we give them $400 each

@ShartGarfunkel wait so why has no one done that?? i can save for a couple months and pay for at least half!!

@citrustwee let's keep saving up, I'll keep getting press passes for movie premieres and screaming "tell us what color the moon is, Tom, YOU COWARD" and getting it explained to me again that I am outside of the replica Chinese Theatre in Disney and scaring the families

@citrustwee it's because in 1978 the commies stole the colour from the moon

@citrustwee there was a planned prisoner exchange with the Americans willing to give back the red of Mars but the USSR collapsed before it could go through and now we just don't know where the colour is. top theory suggests it's in a warehouse in Uzbekistan

@citrustwee what's so funny about it, Eve? it's a serious question that I hope we can get to the bottom of

@citrustwee imagine living in a country that never went to the "moon" 😂😂🇺🇲🇺🇲

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