@citrustwee oh crap we need to tell all the new people the TALE OF CURIOUS GREG, don't we

@citrustwee bottom left is a fine example of the bacon culture hipster

oh dear I felt like the ghost of the past jumped from its grave and held my throat when I saw this

@mcmansionhell forgive me... but it had to me done. enough time has passed. the dust has settled. i am now legally allowed to pee on his grave

@citrustwee kids these days have no respect for the dead

@citrustwee *staring off into the distance wistfully* Vape Ape... Now there's a name I haven't heard in many years....

@mychemicalromance @citrustwee it all starts with a place called bofa.lol...

no seriously this was an instance for a little while which was enamored in drama when it started, and when it ended

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