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"DIST_RUST" is a Choose Your Own Adventure style webcomic in the same vein as things like "Ruby Quest" and "Homestuck", with art inspired by the former. It's written and drawn by me, and you can read it here:

The story is driven by reader suggestions! So at any point before the story is finished, you can submit your own suggestion to keep the story rolling at:

Feedback and boosts are appreciated greatly. Please enjoy the ride!

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very bold i think of the final episode of game of thrones to fade out on a long, held shot of the starbucks cup as daenerys cries loudly in the background. interesting artistic approach.

yall know it's possible to say someone is being an asshole and not mean "i'm oppressed" right. because being an asshole by itself is still shitty.

legally you're not oppressed so therefore it's Not a dick move to screenshot and make fun of you for no reason. i am so logical.

fedi: oh my god the website is dying
masto, 3 months later: still here just tired

being a fuckhead is as much of a personality trait as shitting your pants is. which is to say it is not a very compelling example of Personality.

How wild to imply Homestuck is an adult thing. Yes surely the comic full of tons of swearing, gore and class warring that also has tons of explicit sexual jokes and references is, in fact, a children's cartoon for babies comparable to Bob the Builder. I am very intelligent.

people apologizing for stuff and moving past it and being better for it is good, wholesome and definitely recommended in my house. 10/10 would stand by.

some people on this godforsaken website: otherkin are trivializing people's struggles and though i cannot show you proof of this i swear it's true please stop saying i shit my pants

obvious hot take, meta 

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