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"DIST_RUST" is a Choose Your Own Adventure style webcomic in the same vein as things like "Ruby Quest" and "Homestuck", with art inspired by the former. It's written and drawn by me, and you can read it here:

The story is driven by reader suggestions! So at any point before the story is finished, you can submit your own suggestion to keep the story rolling at:

Feedback and boosts are appreciated greatly. Please enjoy the ride!

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i love the worldview mob psycho emphasizes to death and it mirrors my own heart so closely

so i just watched the first 5 episodes of mob psycho season 2 and WOW! Might fuck around and just think about this anime for the rest of my life !

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My friend just began a story with “I had this friend— that’s not true.”

@chronicallymoe I think about the things nobody should care enough to think about.

Okay on the subject of the grandfather paradox if quantum mechanics don’t allow for exact clones wouldn’t you or your clone immediately vaporize upon your Entry to a universe. It doesn’t matter if you meet your clone Doc Brown.

twitter discourse is an indirect way of letting everyone know you don't have the mental fortitude to survive the winter

when there's a very big messy discourse on twitter i hope over to see if it's happening on mastodon and no, it's placid fields and quiet streams over here

Giant, bloodsucking corporations, spying on you and your privacy at all opportune times be like: we get it. ads suck.

hope shadow the hedgehog is having a good day

I really love when people ask me about my OC's, they are the joy inside of my dark soul.

Being myself on main. Just absolutely sincere and authentic, but on main.

Hot take what if people are essentially good, especially when they're not forced into violent systems of exploitation from birth.

while individual people can be “good”, all cops enforce a system that is racist, homophobic, ableist, and overall just abusive to the human condition
we need a reform of society, we need to destroy the class system, we need anarchy
and anarchy is not chaos. people dying of preventable causes is chaos. capitalism is chaos.
:anarchy: A C A B :communist_flag:

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