youve heard of jorts and jeggings check out this jath jobe

@robotcarsley i always get fashion wrong i thought the sleeve things were part of a jape or something

@robotcarsley @christiemalry I was JUST thinking that right before I expanded the toot and saw this. :blobfrowningbig:

@christiemalry wait just a damn minute here

Job from the Bible???? was he a JEan Job????

@applebaps no this is his wife she looked back and the jord smote her and turned her into a pillar of denim , the whole salt thing was a cover up by the...jesuits

@applebaps !!! hiding their true name in plain sight all these years , we should have put the clues together before as there is NO plainer sight than denim

@christiemalry it all makes sense now. all these years, all that DENIM

@applebaps roberto calvi , the vatican bank it was all in the service of big denim, or big d as its known by the anointed, i swear before god i will beat big D !

@christiemalry this is some harrison bergeron type weighted garment

@christiemalry I think everyone is sleeping on the name "Hazel Todhunter"

@pig nice catch Somewhere a denim loving dude name Tod went missing under strange circumstances

@christiemalry "this denim right here is special, harvested from 100% real Tod"

@pig tod died sorry typo tod dyed he wasnt always so blue, but then if id been turned into a jath jobe or a jimono as the more culturally aware less, whats the word ''stoopid'' tooters pointed out i'd feel purty blue

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