Ahead To the Sea - Anti Fascist Folkpunk Action youtu.be/Fu0mWBub6xE via @YouTube@twitter.com

up in the hills above bradford outside the napalm factory ghosts of american astronauts float above @2ferdi7xx@twitter.com

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never been a phone phreaker even when that was a thing but will we be able to jailbreak huawei phones and run the required google shit on them if hi end huaweis suddenly turn up in dollar stores?

every account with a bland male name followed by a number should be ip traced and the poster put through a woodchipper

so this is that series everyone liked that got half the torrent and streaming sites canned, cool

jesus im shitting myself here seeing a new country just popping up on trending every few seconds norway, switzerland, macedonia, greece i thought ww3 had started or a supervolcano not the fuggin eurovision

really compact little engine to get a plane off the ground tho, ive always been fascinated by rotary engines, just this whole lump spinning at 1000s of rpm in front of yr face

you can see the guy far left has a single piston attached to the central bearing that would have all 7 pinned to it fuel came from a single carb (drawing on wall) up the hollow shaft then i think up between the cylinder liner and housing & into cylinder then exhausted out the top

one of my favourite photos i got it as a recent print from an old negative in a junk shop what i can tell from the photo is theyre either tsarist or early soviet airmn'n working on i think french 7 cylinder rotary engines (so the whole thing spun with a prop attached) 1914-2_?

shot by the cops for looking like one of those pet dogs they kill for sport, whilst overdosing on heroin i took to offset the symptoms of legionnaires disease i caught whilst eating donuts i found in a bin

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If your death was befitting of your Twitter brand, how would you die?

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how do i get rid of these darn programs what good are they anyway i know ill delete edge i never use that , OH NO

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