VIC BERGER IS MENTALLY ILL (My response to Gavin McInnes) via

the movie Species but instead of a super hot killer alien its a big gelatinous blob thats not trying to kill anyone but everyone finds really super hot anyway loads of bathtubs scenes with a huge gelatinous blob with its pseudopods all over Michael Madsen then it fixes his car

i just took a dna test, turns out that the usual says she is a good time to get get a chance to look at the old place


I just took a dna test, turns out I'm getting the drip irrigation system irrigation system irrigation system irrigation system irrigation system irrigation system irrigation system irrigation system irrigation system irrigation system irrigation system irrigation system irrigatio


i typed the words christs anus and twitter immediately twitter offered me three biblical parody accts its on point today

no 'treason' but MURDERED FOR DOING HIS JOB the gun he received the order of lenin for and the world's first automatic grenade launcher were considered sufficiently sub par THEY KILLED HIM he was rehabilitated by kruschev in 55 FUCK STALIN & STALINISTS

that is when the arrest came on charges of ''preserving samples of unfinished weapons and egregiously plotting production of technically unfinished and unsatisfactory weapons systems, namely the 23mm infantry anti-aircraft gun and a 12.7mm machine gun.''

it had great promise saw use in the winter war , at this time he developed MP-6 auto cannon for the IL-2 for which he was awarded the order of lenin, but ultimately a different cannon was used, he presumably then went away and decided to make it and the AG-2 better......

training in 1931 he came across a single-shot Dyakonov grenade launcher, inspired he decided he could automate it, after sending a basic design to the red army he was given a workshop and set to work between 34-38 he built the world's first automatic grenade launcher the AG-2

whichever its often imagined that only political rivals got the bullet, so lets present a different case ; Yakov Taubin was 17 when the revolution happened, born in belarus he ended up in the odessa Institute of Grain and Flour Technology design shop when during routine military

obviously nobody believes the,lol, evidence of the show trials tho many claim to, they are of course pretending, to protect 'their' legacy, because its yesterdays news or because they think questioning daddy stalin should have been punishable by death but daren't say it out loud

i posted this life to a stalinist chud yesterday and to a while ago in an attempt to pull him? (no pronouns in M/L bio's) back on the right path but it bears closer inspection, there are those who believe that Stalin's purges were all internal party hijinks........

its everyday now twitter there must be something else happening in the world, anything is a better option than putting the same event 8 times over with a different hook

its not actually a big thing we just dont get em round our way so i was happy

omg almost forgot saw a collared dove in the uk yesterday thought it was a v young wood pigeon but 99.9% in was a collared dove after staring at each other for an hour

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