i just luv the narrative 200 rockets (which injured nobody ) AFTER airstrike...see page 69

google have been closing accts of kids who sub to markiplier etc. because their emoji spamming has marked them as bots, they've lost YT, GMAIL, Google Drive all the accts they used a gmail account to log into and theyre doing nothing about it. moral of the story fuk google

anyone know who this new acct is , think you should follow them just incase see what theyre up to @uhhhhbutwhy@twitter.com

many a fine tune played on an old zither check this, wild, Vivaldi Largo played on a 6-chord zither by Etienne de Lavaulx youtu.be/hyHd4rDUd5g via @YouTube@twitter.com

jailed for allegedly, maybe pouring gasoline (petrol) on 8 COPS

RT filming a totally not staged ''protestors pelt turkish and russian vehicles with rocks *unspoken subtext AND WE TOTALLY DIDNT MURDER THEM''

if youre going to get a piercing get a piercing jack, da fuk is that

switches the TL feed from top tweets to latest tweets after seeing the same post at the top of my tl every morning for 4 days, effect: the tweet is now 4 posts down from the top, i know it better than some of my ex's

The Truth About Columbus - Knowing Better Refuted | BadEmpanada youtu.be/OaJDc85h3ME via @YouTube@twitter.com

youtu.be/4cCS1cP69Wo?t=85 wwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh diaper time this is so funny , tell us again how smacking nazis doesnt work libs

the one that got away and exciting work overseas for a yung merican or brit or even norwegian aka roland the headless thompson gunner, lol, found the ''soldier of fortune'' magazine archive , plus who remembers this crap companies page? sold the same shit in every mag 4 20 years

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