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ever wonder what happens when you spill bird seed round the back of your sink draining board and dont notice for a week

up the RA

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A British soldier explaining how they used children as human shields as part of their war on Ireland.

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here's to the rubble a brick through every window a casket lying 6 foot deep with everybody's heroes

my pigeons are an item took 24 hours and theyre just sitting preening each other under a chair

i wondered where all the sparrows went thought it was climate change or something

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New research by @OfficialZSL@twitter.com, @_BTO@twitter.com, @RSPBScience@twitter.com and others has shown that almost three quarters of London's House Sparrows carry avian malaria, which could be a possible cause of the species' decline. Read more bit.ly/2JN2r5M

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my fave cop books montalbano an italian communist cop, sad now

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Saddened today to hear that, Andrea Camilleri, famed author of the Inspector Montalbano books, died this morning in Rome aged 93.

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50 years since SS-Sturmbannfuehrer Von Brauns greatest achievement began its flight to wide scale public disapproval/indifference & a short while before Gil Scott Heron wrote Whitey on the moon, i like space stuff as much as the next reptile but theres always consequences

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thats not like his im shocked, after a while writing this stuff must just get very samey

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Trump tweets racist attacks at progressive congresswomen - CNNPolitics cnn.com/2019/07/14/politics/do

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for the fallen comrade who stormed muricas bastille

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in 1789 a mob rose up against the French monarchy and stormed the Bastille. This was a defining moment and encapsulated the political tension that would spark into the French Revolution

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day 22
Ghost mice
Death and hatred to mankind
1:Free pizza for life
2:Monsters get slain
3:I'll be happy

alls i can see is a pair of levis standing in a field, what is this?

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18 USC 231 makes it a federal crime to train people in firearms or explosives with knowledge it would be used to commit a crime or interfere with interstate commerce but I’m glad we all keep pretending like the white supremacist fragility squad is a group of patriots or whatever.

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@ludlowhotelnyc@twitter.com can residents take drugs in your rooms and are your staff trained to run interference 'gainst the pigs while i climb out of a window, thinking of coming over in the fall

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