@spookywitch right!! thank u so much hester and husband i’ll stop being poor now 😌😌😌

@cheyenne “make at least double the median wage & you can work half as long”


@cheyenne every. fucking. time.

that or "my mother hired me to her NGO which came with a 100,000 salary and my husband's father built him a house for free"

@cheyenne don't forget that them retiring means they;re living off dividends. Aka they have capital and they're stealing portions of labors income to do nothing.

@cheyenne these articles are pure ragebait. they can be medically prescribed to induce vomiting.

@cheyenne they didn't even go to a proper island, that's just a big rock

@cheyenne ...I think I just *heard* my blood pressure elevate.

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