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don't ever call me queer! under any circumstances! thanks!

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*finishes suckin a dick and crushes it against my skull like a beer can*

imagine being mad over some teenage girl on the internet i would rather die omg

finally got cancelled before i leave this site like i always wanted stan loona everyone ❤️

anyways don’t make callout posts if you can’t handle people in your mentions have a nice day everyone xoxo

i don’t care if you think i’m a bad person btw it’s the internet

btw you can only come for me if you brush your teeth regularly

evelien “can i lipsync the n word” citrustwee

omg i stan jovan so much i will start drama i don’t care what are y’all gonna do be mad

mastodon user citrustwee got a lot of nerve for someone that doesn’t shower or brush their teeth regularly :/

don’t come for jovan coming to mastodon when you don’t even brush your teeth regularly and stan kanye west xoxo

sasuke 🤝 my father
not caring about his only child

there’s absolutely no reason why british people should be rapping

so you tellin me a banana nut in this muffin?

i promise i will never make a gross post again if someone just takes one for the team and becomes my gf 😔

can’t believe i spent 25 minutes telling my therapist, a 52 year old woman, about why i make posts about an anime guys cum

i hope you all know my therapist knows about mastodon and my naruto posts

yall mfs will say you got social anxiety with a mastodon account and toots about narutos cum... like girl you make me anxious too...

i’m gonna make this screenshot my header on every website

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