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the reason cis people don't understand transness is because every cis person who starts to get it becomes trans

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it's so hard to take my toots seriously when they look like they're being posted by a pomeranian named zeke teenweed

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hey y'all, i'm veronica, i'm a nb ace lesbian and i just moved here from! i really like kpop, twilight, minecraft, lesbianism, and a bunch of other shit. nice to meet y'all

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every time there is some argument i hear about on mastodon its like this, and i'm left trying to figure our what actually happened

ok i know i'm literally about to move accounts but. since not all of my followers have moved over yet - my friend just also joined elekk with me, she's new to mastodon and she's very good please follow her!!

i have successfully obtained membership... as soon as i figure out what to make my goddamn icon and header i'll fully move over there

Can anyone obtain a invite link to for my friend @cherrybullet ?

hm kinda wanna move instances again but idk what other instance is jsut gonna let me post like 10 kpop mvs in a row without giving a shit

as the year comes to a close and everybody starts reflecting on the things they accomplished remember that not being able to do the things you wanted to do this year says nothing about who you are as a person and that simply surviving one more year on this miserable hellhole we call earth is worthy of its own praise

pjo rant, minor spoilers 

it took me 3 tries to figure out how to spell "medieval" and i'm probably going to forget again by the next time i need to type it

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a trebuchet is basically just a medieval block button

the L in LGBT stands for Lactose intolerant

"oh hey, you're back!" -the employee at the cane's drive through window right after i started praying that he wouldn't notice i've been there twice in the past 6 hours

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