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it's so hard to take my toots seriously when they look like they're being posted by a pomeranian named zeke teenweed

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hey y'all, i'm veronica, i'm a nb ace lesbian and i just moved here from! i really like kpop, twilight, minecraft, lesbianism, and a bunch of other shit. nice to meet y'all

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apparently some of the girls from good day are gonna be in another upcoming gg and i'm happy for them.... rip in peace good day

Cishets are really still out here writing "he or she" (or some of them even sometimes still just "he") every time when referring to a hypothetical unknown person, when it's so easily replaceable by a singular they.

and now the water monsters are swimming through land and trying to attack me but they can't bc. i'm on land.... this is terrifying

ni no kuni just entered me into a battle w no music, which was creepy enough by itself, and i won the battle and now it's softlocked without going to the end of battle screen... this is some creepypasta bullshit

i'm excited and terrified that pokemon is ocming out on friday

ig i need to finish ni no kuni real quick

i love percy jackson... he's really been kicking ass and taking names on olympus since day 1

if i were given a song by my favorite girl group i would simply love and appreciate it... rip to kpoppies but i'm different

idk why people say really really is cherry bullet's worst song.... yeah the synth is weird but the chord progression makes me cry almost every time it's so good

literally if any man tries to tell me something it’s mansplaining

i'm so happy every time hyuna and her bf talk about their relationship publicly... like she really singlehandedly told all these fans and reporters that they're gonna suck it up and accept her ignoring the dating ban and then. they did

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