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to-ngesh a'a zhap dsa tjo e ve-e
*the sun will shine tomorrow*


a language which does not conjugate feels good in the brain

*zhap dza tjo e ve-e*
the sun will shine


what is the actual difference between ʂ and ʃ and can they be distinguished

The *real* antifa supersoldier was inside you all along.

If you wanna be my photographer, you gotta spectacles my vases

goddamnit this color aesthetic is making my brain the happy

while in the shower i became converted to the way of thinking that sexigesimal counting is ideal for humans.

I've helped fellow disabled folks and others this week by sharing information about service dogs. Please help me keep my service dog in food and veterinary visits by donating here

tentatively took paypal off our ko-fi, in favor of just having stripe. Please let me know if this is a bad idea 😅 I feel like it's safer? Possibly better fee wise too, but I'm not sure

#disabilityCrowdfund #disabilityLifestyle #actuallyAutistic #chronicPain


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