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if you need any tips or whatever hit me up, but even juts installing them without changing anything gives you a lot of passive protection from common attacks.

if you're running an internet-visible debian or whatever box for the love of Zeus install `ferm` and `sshguard` and learn how to use them.

screenshotting racists so they cant cover their tracks isnt “twitter behavior”

And I'm floating in a most purrculiar way...and the stars look very different today

Yo, Black and Brown folks on here have been saying for ages that fedi really does have a fucking racism problem

And some of y'all are either: playing ignorant or just part of the problem and don't even care

Maybe work on that before you end up losing more of us.

We're warning you but some of y'all ain't listening 👀

Image from page 606 of "Premiere[-seconde] partie, Les plans et profilz de toutes les principalles villes et lieux considerables de France : ensemble les cartes generalles de chascune prouince & les particulières de chasque gouuernement d'icelles" (1636)

Are you worried about Brexit and thinking you can’t afford to holiday this year?

Never fear! You can camp in your own back yard.

...Or, if erecting a tent is something you’d consider “a bit of a faff” (who wouldn’t) this is a great “low effort” alternative. 👍

ahh finally got my numbers station generation working well

ahh finally got my numbers station generation working well

terminal programs using (optional) sixel graphics should be more common

and i don't just say this out of "oh people who don't use the command line are ~~scrubs~~ who don't understand how ~~real~~ computers work"

people have been systematically denied access to the knowledge that would let them use the expensive and miraculous computing devices they have to the fullest extent possible

this is a /choice/ that software developers continue to make and we have to /stop/

management will not approve and frankly they can fuck off. budget time for an /actual manual/

and people talk a lot of shit about how "open source software isn't user friendly" and like... there _are_ real problems with the way people (don't) talk about UX in foss projects

but "the interface is not instantly familiar to me" is not that problem because that's not a goal you can ever reach for more than a tiny tiny group of people

see, e.g., the simple lack of a back button in iOS / reliance on implicit "back" actions in Android flummoxing users switching/using other peoples' phones

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