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asmr idea: noodling on a hardware synthesizer but you don't hear any of the synth output just the click of switches and swish of knobs and some noises of satisfaction on the quality of the groove

just kidding i know how to do that i just don't have a language code for my conlang yet

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googling how to translate my userland into my conlang

bring back megahunt, the original death match (oh i guess hunt was but megahunt was better)

but dam these songs are a groove once i get the mix fix

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If you wanna be my swing set, you gotta writ with my philosophers

tfw reviewing a few wip tracks and the mixdown is awful on another set of hardware / headphones :\

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Attention, attention CCCMN6/BOXER SHORT codeword DUD VET VETO WAYS 3dc0558679392fd0c4e1fd983adb55863a609c4f3ec3104273af30df19884b4c

gimme a phrase and i'll translate it into ij-li

more people should name themselves after geometry and math concepts

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that's a good point I *should* back up everything

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hey if we're friends dm me let's chat pls

none of my projects seem fun but yet my creative urge is off teh charts

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Help with rent and storage 

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i am so in love with my new

it sounds nice and i like it

now i'm sort of ... idk lost as to what to do, i guess i could continue to translate the grammar torture test but it's sort of monotonous

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