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Mentorship Offering:

As part of a greater project to learn about, and enhance Unice userspace called Dunex (, I had the idea that it'd be cool to have a rewrite of an Emacs-like in D (or other compiled language, Dunex is mostly in D at this point but doesn't *only* have to be) with a modern lisp dialect under it (or some other laguage lisp-like or not, to actually write the living editor part in), with a lot of the look and feel with a modern ecosystem and modern sensibilities or not, whatever. This is a big kind of project that I may not have the gumpshin to actually write most of the code for, but it was pointed out would be a golden opportunity to mentor an interested younger developer, hopefully from an under-represented community, using my Vast Experience in these things (30+ years) to actually lead the code in the project. Something like a coupla weeks from now. HMU if interested!

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yo i'm trying to move this to my account and i put the alias on thaht end but it always says that that account doesn't have this one as an alias so idk it's weird and annoying

Hi, I need money for #trans related clothes (~100?), #medicalbills (owed $400, and 3 more labs need to get done :flan_sad:), for a nice #Halloween (my favorite season!), to take my cats to the vet for a checkup, food, etc

Ways to give:

- Buy a #QTBIPOC Pride sticker designed by me, made by @popstar by messaging them or going here

- Paypal or Google pay (PM me for info

- Venmo (info in next toot)

- Boosting this! :boost_requested:

#crowdfund #disability #BIPOC

I was wondering yesterday if there are any red/black bisected masks out there, turns out the Bangladesh Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation already made a bunch for their own mutual aid efforts :ancomheart:


Heroes can inspire, lift us up, and show us what's possible.

But hero worship can bend from adoration to the surrender of agency.

We place our hopes in the hero, hoping they can save us. A trap.

We must become heroes ourselves.

someone sent me this, not show who needs to see it but it made me smile ever so slightly

so it's come to this, compiling a kernel for my phone

simply do not play the shitty transphobe wizard game, it's not hard

Hey the flag I made, the queer trans BIPOC pride flag? Now you can get it as a holographic sticker! one for $4 and $7 for two! @popstar is making them, and they're being awesome and giving me $3 when you buy one and $5 when you buy two!

#bipoc #qtpoc #stickers

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These Black folks need grocery funds. Goal: $100 each

Just donated a couple bucks
Original IG post @ blacklgbtreparations

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