Initiative to ban mass biometric surveillance in EU

European citizens campaign to prohibit biometric mass surveillance practices

This is one of the few posts I put publicly and I ask for a Boost!

If you are from EU or you know EU people, it could be interesting.
This is not an usual random web petition, this is an official ECI (European citizens initiative)

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@dentangle @schmittlauch @dukeofpearldiving The GPL does not just say „any later version“ but also specifies that the license must keep the spirit. See Point 14 in — the GPL is the only license I know that does *not* require you to trust its managing authority. Not even the FSF has the authority to create a GPL 4.0 that breaks the spirit of the GPL.

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*ID* –> "Shallow”
There's always something to discover in shallow water ;)
As I rarely do 3D stuff to avoid too much suffering to my old rig, I have not modeled the bath tub, I've downloaded it from archibase. Then I have set the textures and lighting.
Have a good week Mastodon !
this is for
- #mastoart #art #illustration #illustrationday -
:: Better res on website ::


I saw the open letter about RMS
I agree some points are bad, though I have to say that there's been a lot of cherrypicking.

Some points are written in a way suggesting he still considers them valid, even though we know he explicitly changed ideas over time years ago on some of them.

About pronouns, I personally support the use of "they" or the choice of the individual person if they prefer another one, but I don't see how Stallman making a neutral pronoun proposal would be transphobic.
His proposal doesn't prevent anyone to continue to use the pronoun each one of us prefers

Thoughts and comments, pros and cons?
Freely write 😊

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@shoeberto It's the weirdest thing, I remember arguing with my dad when I was a teenager because I was wasting my life on facebook.

Now when I tell him I don't want him posting photos of me on Facebook he reacts like I've insulted a family member.

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“Italian watchdog fines Facebook 7 million euros over improper data use”

It took Facebook a little over 42 minutes to make that much money in 2020.


#SurveillanceCapitalism #regulation #DataProtection #farce

Follow suggestions?
I'm looking for artists on mastodon or someone who handcrafts objects

I want to raise the quality of the feeds I see and give a bit of support to them

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the internet before GDPR:
big companies collecting your data

the internet since GDPR:
big companies collecting your data after you've given up on pop-up windows with unnecessarily complicated opt-out schemes

How's McDonald's product for the fediverse called?


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Activists Turn Facial Recognition Tools Against the Police.

Around the world, activists are building facial recognition tools specifically to identify police officers. The authorities are not happy to be on the other side of the technology.

#politics #corruption #policebrutality #facialrecognition

I want to have toots level everyday, seeing so much artistic effort and valuable toots is fantastic

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Installed Pi-hole today, more than 20% of home network traffic is blocked as ads and tracking websites.

The internet is completely fucked up

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I haven't played my violin in a loooong time.
Any suggestion of pieces to play?
I'm not much skilled and I need to get used to it again :blobcatmeltcry:

60 km on bike today.
Time to go in hibernation for the next 6 months (at least) 😴

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