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Aaaand back to looking like a boy instead of a cool mascish queerfuck

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I'm gonna take this lipstick off... I can see why people don't wear it that much

Also, I'm totally going to fall in love with someone in the next few weeks,,,

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I managed to fix my front shifter and my god it was hard but I did it

Yes I know I'm supposed to be good at this shit, but there's some things that you're not good at, and replacing gear cables is something I'm not good at...

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Long socks (or bright socks pulled up), hand/arm warmers in cool colours, jeans or shorts (pref tight fitting), bright baggy tshirts or hoodies, cool shades or normal glasses (gonna have to just get used to it), bright electric blue hair (St. Andrews blue, my favourite blue, won't look good in hair), beanie (pref bright again), skater shoes because comf and practical (I skate a lot, and they're good for cycling too)


I think I've found my aesthetic maybe?

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I did it :3

I think I got some funny looks bit like... aaa I did it! <3

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Lipstick? Check
Sunnies? Check
Thigh highs? Check

Going to dads to pick something up with my skateboard, and I'm gonna look dashing while I do it UwU

If he asks any questions, he can go fuck himself (I will reply with an akward "Why not")

So uhh, making something a symlink wipes the history in GitHub? Bastards...

*screams in unknown gender shite*

I am almost certainly going to say no, but would anyone be up for trying to help me figure some shit out with clothes and stuff?

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