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I forgot how dead the timeline was in the morning,,,

One day I might be pretty, but until then, I'll just be whateverTheHolyFuckIAmRightNow

Getting slowly more confident with the bike thing...

It looks like YouTube is making half of the music I listen to unavailable. And it is not just because Danish artists refuse to be paid 70% less.

Any recommendations for a solution that isn't super hostile? I could build a library, but I also want to stream to my phone.

Affection, lewd mentions 

I love having different friends and loved ones who deal with affection differently. It's amazing.

Some people want to just hold hands, talk about cool things, and be amazing, some want cuddles and small kisses and headpats, and some want to be dicked down raw and eaten alive.

And that's amazing <3 Love you all


maybe people who are currently freaking out thinking MARILYN MONROE looks too masculine to be a real woman shouldn't be the ones who decide what gendered toilets people can use, just saying.

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Lynyrd Skynyrd's Free Bird is long enough to get midroll ads on YouTube


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