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The fuckup wasn't so bad, but was still a fuckup ;-;

That may have been a mistake, but too fuckin' late now friendos...

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@garfiald Rule 34, except for cute-ification instead of sex.

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Lesbiab gay mostly... But gay gay definitely sajdnfdsa;f

Kinda want a new bike... There's one on Gumtree where the guy honestly has no idea what bike they have... And that means a good deal for me, as someone who wants a cheap way to get into a niche sport...

πŸ€” Gotta get rid of a bike to get this one though because shit... I've got more bikes than hooks...

Lots... I'm very fucking UwU right now

Cuddles seems pretty good right about now honestly...

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viddy game take 

Cuties boosting my cutie posting UwU

Holy shit sluts are powerful... I aspire to be one of them some day...

dragon and goddess are fucking cute as shit UwU

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