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I keep going to bed late and forgetting to offer cuddles...

Always feel free to just come and get cuddles from me if you want :3

Managed to fully break my shoes today! Last time they just bent, this time they've cracked and snapped. I feel proud to put out enough power to break cycling shoes, but really I should get some better ones...

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Cuddling cuties is entirely my mood today UwU

Why is nobody sat in my lap right now? Honestly, get in my arms so I can hold you tight!

Whenever I see "Guys and gals and enby pals" I'm like...

That's me! I'm the enby pal :3

I'm cute, I'm gay, and I'm available for cuddles. :3

Date me for mood swings that do full 360s

Fuck... Now I wanna ride my bike ;-;

Whelp, after work tomorrow then.

Personal health shit (but like, not bad I guess) 

Self deprecation 

Seeing lots of cuties being cute makes me want to ask so many people if they want to date me... But I can't possibly date everyone ;-;

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Shitting on spammers 

Kissing cuties sounds like a good thing to do right now πŸ€”

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