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Bodily stuff (semi gross) 

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r/traa post, may contain sensitive content 

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So you know how some parents wash their kids' mouths out with soap if they swear? Mine never did that, but I did it to myself on accident once.
There was cooking stuff on the table, and brown crumbly bits that looked and smelled like brownies. I was a kid and thus not too smart, so I assumed it was brownie crumbs and ate some.
It was brownie scented soap, because my mom had been making some.
I regretted trying to eat it.

A life story from my Grandparents 

Apparently there's a Nintendo thing going on... I'll wait for my best mate to talk about the good parts of the Pokemon stuff because eh to everything else...

I never bother picking up a console really...

Coming out (?) 

Back off to work I go.

Crushing.on you all! Cya cuties.

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Is asking someone to play minecraft with you considered a date on here?

Seriously... but asking.for a friend... aaa

Well... that's one way to start my day...


I like the rain, but not the darkness...

I also don't like getting.soaked through.

I have to get up and I'm falling asleep...


I know what I just did, I know it was likely a bad idea, but it might work out...


Goodnight Cutieverse <3 See you in the morning :3

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