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I have a lot of Internet to catch up on now, but I do still want to do the C thing :3

I just have to fight with my urge to write Rust...

Hello from new house on my desktop :3

We finally have WiFi!

And I've now got to sort out the fact that the engie is coming tomorrow :/

Kinda subtoot, you know who you are. :3 

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Game release! 

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the only good part of british culture is everyone going 'WHEEEEYYYYYY' when somebody falls over

Shit post (2 words) 

Programming books are bleeding expensive! The rust book is 25 quid... My sister buys shit for 7 quid... Ah well, free online download it'll be for now although I'm learning.C from books first.

Bodily fluid 

Ok... it's 0700... gotta heave out of snuggle land. ;-; See you all in a bit.


Morning cutie. :3 Anyone wanna snuggle up with me?

Goodnight cuddles offer 

Alright, all tested and everything for C and GTK is installed and working perfectly on this laptop :3

I'm very sleepy, but I'm glad I did that UwU

Can't wait to take a proper look at the books tomorrow, even if they will be basic in parts to me I should learn a lot and hopefully come out with a good understanding of C, which will be really fucking helpful...

Internet update 

On a laptop at my Dads, with WiFi :3

I'm gonna download some Raspberry Pi books and look at skateboards :3

Lewd subtoot 

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