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I need to buy some cycling shoes... I should really do that...

And now I've got to do some drawings for the game... However it's a lot more likely that I'll scrap that idea and write a pause menu instead...

Whoo! Multiple obstacles now can be spawned :3

That was actually quite easy, and I'm really feeling that I am getting the hang of Godot properly now :3 It's nice :D

Sex toys, but not the main part 

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I should maybe work on my game or something...

Hello current and future friends (if you want to be). Please come ask me questions :3

Any questions will be answered, and I love them all :3

Replies also answered :3

Hello friends! The day got a lot better after I last posted, it was just a really weird, hard, and fucking annoying day...

Cuddle posting? Out.
Clout posting? Apparently in...

An insult at myself 

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Can never be sure if a sequel will be any good... Always seems too good to be two πŸ•ΆοΈ

An insult at nobody 

Today has been so crazy that I haven't had time to think of any good posts.

Yeah... What's usually posted here has had thought put into it and I consider "good"...

I've got to rapid post everything on my mind during lunch otherwise I will never achieve clout.

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I set the home and lock screens on my work phone to RMS as St. Ignucius. A gentle reminder that what I'm using is wrong, but that soon I will be free with his watchful gaze.

I'm not quite entirely sure where I am right now... I mean, I know I'm at work but like... it's weird.

Ah well...

How are you doing today? Hope you're doing well!

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