If I keysmash with a number it means my pinky got excited :3c

Really need to make a new avatar, and by that I mean change the cc to Mx

They'll come out over the next 3 days. Hopefully I can keep a daily release going for a while. Depends how many games I can snag, but I'll need to get some sort of grind on over the weekend

Me and PTB are evenly matched enough to duel :D

Streaming some WarFork demo casting @ twitch.tv/MxCam

Come frop by, we'll have some fun :3

Might go back to a dot crosshair... Also yellow πŸ€”

How the fuck do I have 60 Steam friends?!

Ajdhahs. OwO

(Maybe yes please but pats more important)

Fuck me... someone please gibe me patpats. :blobuwu:

Goodnight fraggers, may you time mega without checking the clock and may your shaft be long and your rails plentiful!

Goodnight cuties! May many loves and cuddles come your way :3

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