Flirt (the usual) 

Right. let's get to work. I'll see you cuties later

Not a lot. Just about to start work. How are you?

Yeah... Almost all my snuggling companions are the other side of the world and the ones that aren't I'm too nervous to try and get with. ;-;

British people are scary!

I'm not built to do things in heat! I'm built to just snuggle at anything past 10!

It's 10°C here... It's too hot! Highs of 17°C. ;-;

*big warm hugs*

I'm too warm, so here, take it all!

Someone has to have done this but Master of Puppets except its Master of Puppies

Whenever I hear "master" in a domme/sub way I always hear it in the style of Master of Puppets...

Lewd joke 

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