@addamschloe Just walking for 10 minutes with the dog and ending up 3 towns over...

Or cycling off for a quick loop and ending up in another county...

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Monkey is how the French describe the device they use to open the door

Rub my belly and call me cute :3


God damn it... I come up to Scotland and all I want to do is play DnD, Pokemon, and ride my BMX...

At least I've got my skateboard, and I suppose I can play Faeria or some other CCG instead, but like... Damn it I wanna go fast on a bike D:

Going to an aviation museum :3


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Seems like there will be non-pro events I could enter too :3

I don't actually have a racing license now though, so that might be something I'd have to work out but for sure I want to go and watch :D

The Brit champs BMX freestyle is very near me and only in a month or so :O

I'm totally gonna see if I can get there :D

You think you're cute, hu?

Well you are, you're fucking adorable :3

Fucks sake... Just saw BMX finals, and as I clicked it fucking ended ;-;

This is bollocks!

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Could also speedrun some Mario Kart 8 but like... Dunno about that one since I'd of course rather play SuperTuxKart (which has just had the 1.0 release)

Yeah... Maybe I should.

I don't know what to do...

I could go out and skateboard, but I'm feeling a bit indoor stuck today.

Also wanna just be cute online, but it's that time of day where none of my cuteposting buddies are online ;-;

Lying in bed, cuddling my teddy, and wishing it was someone who will likely never see this toot...

But they're still cute, and so are you :3

Being pansexual pretty much means that I want to cuddle everyone all the time UwU

@webmind Saying something about someone without tagging them and basically just hoping they'll notice.

It's mostly used for telling someone you've got a crush on them :P

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