Fuck me... I need a beacon...

I think that's about 150k blocks...

Gun, WW1 imagery 

I pull a random day out of my arse and this comes up.

Man on bike shoots gun... And I can't figure out what magazine this is at all...

Cool though.

Selfies of new haircut UwU (some eyecontact) (boosts, please) 

It me! With new hair! And lipstick! And now I can't eat because of the lipstick! But who cares I look like a fucking lesbiab ajghsdag

Cops, gay right, hahahahahahaha fuck me do they have any self conciousness? 



Most of the stories I've heard about cops at pride near me involve them not wanting anything to do with it, and making sure very few people have a fun time.

Post workout selfie, day 1 (eye contact, frontal nudity) 

Day 1 of howeverManyICanDo

There's a video to go with this if you want :blobcat3c:

Partial male frontal nudity 

To be honest,,, this might be goals for me at some point...

Fuck it, yeah, let's do this shite

I'm not gonna put avis on, I'll just tell you vaguely where I'd put you.

Nudes, because I feel really good 

So a few very nice friends of mine have made me feel really good recently, and even though I'm a bit rough right now, I feel good enough about having a dicc to show it off. Very few people have had the pleasure of a dicc pic from me for a few reasons, partially because they're hard to take and suck mostly...

But I did it, and I hope you enjoy them~

I recommend reading the captions, as they add flavour

Boosts are chill, if you wanna

My Mii, eye contact 

The absolute squishy unit and fumkin goals honestly...

Squish Mii!!!!

Entitled people on the Internet 

How can you be so entitled as to say "I demand you release a video every Friday because I got used to it, even though you're now releasing a video every Sunday and every other Friday"

Fuck off ya prick...

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