Trans maymay 

Homophobia, music, fuck... 

My god damn nudes: The Finale 

My god damn nudes (5) 

My god damn nudes (1) 

Haircut image, eye contact 

Haircut image, eye contact 

Hug a transmasc today. Tell them that you love them and that they're valid.

Also do the same for everyone else, because you never know who needs to be held tight sometimes.

Selfies, eye contact 

Wow... *all* cops are bastards, and so are the bastards that program them!

Bikes and me: Photos of me, eye contact 


YouTube recommendations of 2 of my favourite bike channels (Matt Jones and Sam Pilgrim) proving 100% that what I said is true.

Find me a moment in a Sam Pilgrim video where someone is on camera and they aren't smiling.

Fingerboard Trick A Day: Day 3 

Fingerboard Trick A Day: Day 2 

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