Can anyone recommend a chill game that can be played with a keyboard only while in bed? :3

Pref FLOSS of course, but as long as it's free and runs on Linux then I'll take a look. If it's online then games need to be short because I'll just be playing this in bed :3

@cccam You should play Dwarf Fortress, it's quite fun and really chill until everything goes to hell c:

@raspberry_boy I cannot understand Dwarf Fortress in the slightest :(

Too much brain for me :P

Currently my best thoughts are to either install Steam and play Faeria (a card game), or to play Dungeon Crawn stone soup

@cccam Well, you could add a tileset or watch a guide, it's REALLY fun uwu

Ooooh! I love Dungeon Crawl! >w<

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