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Firstly, I'm a dumbass, secondly, I'm a slut. Thirdly, I like bikes.

These are the things you should know before you interact with me.


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If you want to know things about bikes then I am *always* willing to try and help. I don't know everything, in fact I know very little, but I love this sport and activity and mode of transport so much. I want to share it with everyone <3

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On dick pics 

Look, I like dick... I want to suck one and have one inside me.

But they are fucking ugly things...

Dick pics in general are alright (with permission), but please show a little more than just your dick! Show a bit more leg, that's where I'll be laying while I'm playing with you.

Show off your tum, I'd like to kiss that part of you!

If you're trying to make it look bigger you're failing too! Without the perspective of other things who knows how big you are?

So take nicer dick pics, because while I can admire your girth, it doesn't give me so much to dream about and lust over on a lonely evening.

This isn't a subtoot at anyone in particular, just in general at anyone who takes dick pics like that.

Feel free to send me samples though if you need a second opinion 😏 (I'm opening myself up a lot here...)

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If I have just replied to a toot of yours out of the blue with something you don't find funny, just know that I probably found it incredibly wise or funny.

I probably found it on the Fedi timeline, or someone boosted it.

Feel free to block me if that annoys you. I'm sorry.

America friends have gone to sleep, euro friends haven't woken up... I'm kinda alone and need someone...

Love anecdote 

For me, I know I love someone when I want to tell them everything straight away, good or bad. When I'm not scared at all of saying things, or messing up, because I know they won't leave me for that...

That's when I know I really love someone,,,

Cold, afraid, and with a very high statistical chance of death,,,

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I regret so many life choices that have led to this moment.

~ food 

Sadness and ice cream go well together

Streaming some MK8D online, with puppy in background (on my bed, the dumb little black thing that wiggles)

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