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If you want to know things about bikes then I am *always* willing to try and help. I don't know everything, in fact I know very little, but I love this sport and activity and mode of transport so much. I want to share it with everyone <3

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On dick pics 

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If I have just replied to a toot of yours out of the blue with something you don't find funny, just know that I probably found it incredibly wise or funny.

I probably found it on the Fedi timeline, or someone boosted it.

Feel free to block me if that annoys you. I'm sorry.

Time to get up and prepare to cycle... Hopefully I'm less nervous when I get there ;-;

Is very scare


Basically, get into bed with me and cuddle :3


So yeah, get your bike tuned and it'll feel like a fucking beast :3

Then get good at riding it and you'll feel like a fucking beast!

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"helo yes i would like to change the primary identifier used for my person"

"ok go to courthouse pay some money and ur done"

"helo yes i would like to change this single letter that is considered ancillary data for little purpose other than statistics tracking, and potentially use one other than the M, F choice provided"

"are you out of your fucking mind"

In other news, bike is tuned and absolutely fucking pings.

The gears shift like a wet dream!

The brakes are rim brakes, meaning at high speeds it's more effective to take your hands off the handlebars and pray to some god to stop you (because there's some minute chance that that will work :P) but they're feeling nice, and they do of course work half well...

It's gonna be so nice to go and ride in a group again.

Gonna get cold legs though...

How to not be nervous wreck and get on with doing the cool things?

All I've got to do is turn up to a bunch of cyclists and ask what speeds are being done...

UKPol, dad ment 

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