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Ahhh, I think that'll be goodnight from me today Fedi.

Be good, have fun, you're cute :3


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I think I'm gonna go make lunch while my friends have *another* argument over functional programming...

I don't know what the fuck they're talking about, all I know is that I use object oriented languages, and hardly ever write object oriented code.

I almost just UwU'd about getting a SATA to USB cable in IRC... Fuck me I must be tired...

Alright, I found a SATA power cable, and in the process of moving it to a place that would reach a flat space for the drive to go, I found another one!

So at least I know I've got another drive space at least, and to be honest I'm probably alright for a while until I just make a huge cloud storage thingy with some Pis or something

Buying a games design book before I've finished the book I'm currently reading? Sure, I'll engage in book collecting even though I barely read physical medium.

I need to, because I like the books I've got... But I just never do because programming while watching/listening to conferences has covered me so far.

I think I'm gonna put that hard drive in my computer. I'll get to formatting and setting it up tomorrow.

I'm finally fucking home, and thank fuck for laptops and ice cream...

That was one hell of a day, and thank fuck I don't have to do it again tomorrow... Just gotta worry about the day not having a normal pattern, but whatever.

Next Monday we're back to take it all down though, so that's gonna fucking suck...

And were off. See you all later,!

And 5 bars goes to 1 bar... the fuck is up with tech today?

Pacing the kitchen, and Ive lost mobile reception while.waiting for a text. Fuuuuuuck

Let's hope my manager has remembered to get up, eh?

Getting up when I usually wake up? Seems legit.

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Anyway, good morning Fedi. Somehow I'm perfectly awake on about 6 hours sleep...

Why did my phone not charge at all? ...

At least I've got my battery bank but that didn't charge either! Thank fuck I had to wake up so early, otherwise it'd be completely dead...

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