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If you want to know things about bikes then I am *always* willing to try and help. I don't know everything, in fact I know very little, but I love this sport and activity and mode of transport so much. I want to share it with everyone <3

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On dick pics 

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If I have just replied to a toot of yours out of the blue with something you don't find funny, just know that I probably found it incredibly wise or funny.

I probably found it on the Fedi timeline, or someone boosted it.

Feel free to block me if that annoys you. I'm sorry.

Nervous and just seen a car go past and now just like... Can't do it... I just...

Fuck? Why am I like this? ;-;

Nervous as fuck, but I just need to get on with it...

Two cute girls subtooting each other.

You love to see it (and then subtoot them back)

I'm cheating my shit back in for 2 reasons.

1: It's physically impossible for me to have made it over that lava the other way, without swimming through it

And 2: My fucking bucket of water just disappeared...

I didn't place it in the lava because it would have made some obsidian, it literally just didn't place...

I blame server lag for that...

I can't remember quite what I had, but I'll get some back...

Probably sacrafice the gold and half stack of iron (I had 64 and some) in return for new tools spawned.

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i had so many diamonds where the fuck did that lava come from?

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Current world politics, parent 

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