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Offer of me, love, dating | Part 2 

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Offer of me, love, dating | Part 1 

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If I have just replied to a toot of yours out of the blue with something you don't find funny, just know that I probably found it incredibly wise or funny.

I probably found it on the Fedi timeline, or someone boosted it.

Feel free to block me if that annoys you. I'm sorry.

Time to stop cuddling and get up... This seems like an unfair trade really...

Hi, I'm cuddly and cute and you should date me.


Goodnight cuties :3

May many cuddles and much love come to you! :3

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Local raspberry boy goes outside to the real world (CW cuz selfie and trench coat)

So I'll just subtoot them all instead, and then try to smooch as many as I can?

Too many cuties! Not enough time! I can try to smooch them all, but it's too hard! ;-;

Cuddling cuties :3 

I haven't been on today because I got a bike! I didn't do any daily challenges in Descenders because of it, but I don't care. Real bike > online bike any day :3

I'm fairly sure I have a crush on everyone I meet for the first time for like a week, but some cuties are cuter than others (and by that I mean they talk to me. :P)

Flirting with cute people makes me want to :blobcatflower: :3c

I know ive got a crush on someone when I just wanna say "name good"

but uhh, on an unrelated note Dargun good.


Where the fuck did the last hour go? It was 1030 and then it was 1200... Did I pass out or something?

Holy shit the pi4!

Holy shit it's everything I asked for! Who needs a fucking desktop?

I am very sleepy and could do with a cuddle honestly.

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