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That thing where you hear an ABBA song and realize it was sampled in a dance music track (ZokZok no. 3) and you find that and know you've heard it a million times but where??? One of your dance music magazine samplers? A mix CD from a friend? Your ex's record collection? Will listening to it on repeat help you remember?

It's a real "going back to bed sounds nice" Monday. Except if I did that I'd just have the most annoying dreams. They're all reruns. Gotta update my dream service.

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Apparently the bees around here (yellow-faced bumble bees) like to fly around in the rain? I've never seen so many out at once. I had to head back inside because it seemed like I was disturbing them!

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It's hot and our power was out for 45 minutes. Fake summer can fuck right off.

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Had a dream that our Seattle-Tacoma area mutuals were all in a polycule. Only @AudreyJune and I weren't in it. The polycule was a donut that surrounded us & I guess we were a donut hole?! Also, everyone had yorkies.

Listen, toy makers, there’s no way I’m buying a bouncy house water slide “recommend for ages 3 to 8” - if I can’t use it, why would I put it in my backyard? Do you think I enjoy being taunted by fun I can’t have?

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I need someone to build me one of these but it's 5-sided with a pentagram on top. I want to start a coven of witches who perpetually need to sit down.

I just stumbled upon the Liatris genus, which has several species with the common name "Gayfeather"

Bonus: It's native to the US (looks like mostly east of the Mississippi?) and is beneficial to some native moth species!

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I had a dream last night that @burgin came over to borrow a tape-to-tape recorder so she could copy her collection of cassette tapes. but we didn't have such a thing and all i could offer was my old boombox that looked a lot like this:

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