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Two eBooks about police violence are currently available for free from their respective publishers:

"Who Do You Serve, Who Do You Protect?" - A book about the history of police violence on PoC in the US.

"The End of Policing" - About why policing is inherently flawed and why reforms don't work.

So, this is weird, right? (gmail, news, protests) 

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So, this is weird, right? (gmail, news, protests) 

So, this is weird, right? (gmail, news, protests) 

Where can I get a credit card that gives bonus reward points when I pay for therapy?

glad i didnt wind up becoming one of those girls who record tik toks of themselves singing their order to drive through employees

I took these yesterday and is almost over but I feel like I haven’t posted a selfie here in a bit and... I made my hair wavy, bitches!

Cw: eye contact selfies

important addendum of some other places it's good to be fat:

in public
in revealing clothing
in formal settings


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in case "it's good to be fat" is unhelpfully vague for you, here is a non-exhaustive list of places it is good to be fat:


I am having a nice time thinking of all the acronyms that share letters and thus need context.

CBT remains my favorite.

joke about a porn site ad 

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Do I want nipple piercings?? (poll, cw lactation) 

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Do I want nipple piercings?? (poll, cw lactation) 

Hypnokink, but for giving me the focus & confidence to apply for jobs.

Today is the 35th anniversary of the MOVE bombing in Philadelphia, where the City dropped a bomb on a black liberation group and blew up 60 homes.

Here's an excellent twitter thread on it with tons of links to resources.

i think it would simply be nice if i could be well-rested and all the way awake ever

what I want from cis men (an illustrated shitpost) 

Broke: mandibles

Woke: persondibles

Bespoke: uncrustibles

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