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Funny Kid Things (running list) (#1 - church/graveyard) 

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Daily Confessions (Pinned Toot) 

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Gonna wear this and fly around your house bumping into all your lamps and mirrors.

fruit peeling poll 

i'm sad about orcas (in general) 

lifehacker's subtle burn re: amazon's discount for people on assistance programs 

Just temp blocked several amazon sites in my browser including amazonaws (web services) so I bet my internet is gonna look real messed up for the next few days!

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an anarchist attacked a concentration camp this weekend

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selfie, ec, pride 

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Shitpost, nsfw language 

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if i was a professional wrestler my intro music would be the theme music from NPR's Fresh Air

Have added a "Queer Socializing" budget subcategory. More queer subcategories to come, I imagine.

All my gay impulse purchases* have come to me on the same day. I’m gonna have tasty soft lips & smell like a meadow while I’m hanging out in my matching bra & boxer briefs reading the Bi-ble and New Testimonials for the rest of the summer.

*An accidental last hurrah before omgwtfbudgeting

Y'all ever sit down at the computer to look up recipe instructions and end up getting really into Chumbawamba instead?

Weirdo meal 

Well, my kid is proclaiming their transhumanist manifesto into an electric fan...

My computer is so slow today *or* I am really fast

not a site, but "how to cook everything" (and "how to cook everything vegetarian") by mark bittman fits this pretty well. it's huge but you can jump in where you need to (and it's been around awhile so should be pretty easy to find used). there are lots of variations for many of the recipes.

i highly prefer what it has to offer than long-winded whimsical recipe site essays that don't actually help me cook!

canned food that is somehow new to me 

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how come we have robot vacuum cleaners but not robots to clean our bathrooms? i would much rather have that

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