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I tested all the major iOS apps for Mastodon and compared their accessibility support. You might find this useful if you're looking for an app that will help you be a good citizen on the Fediverse: #iOS #Accessibility #A11y #MastodonApps

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damn I always feel so much more confident and sexy when I'm dressed like full pissed off dyke

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I’ve hurt my back. Please send cookies and milkshakes.

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new story is up!

"what the ocean will not take"

a strange story based on a dream, intended to be a little odd. it is about feelings more than anything. don't think too hard about it.


2. Working on the pile, but I got distracted and looked online for headphones for the kid and a stoneware coffee thing.

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Asked my kid to pick a song to play while we did a quick cleaning session and without hesitation they picked "Blank Space"

Know anything about this, @AudreyJune ?😂

1. First load of laundry is in.

Now time to listen to my screaming SI joint and sit for a minute.

1. Laundry
2. The Pile By The Front Door
3. The Pile Behind The File Cabinet
4. Move The Coffee Table
5. A Basket Of Some Kind For Blankets
6. Where Should The Rug Go?

I should probably do laundry so I can wear something warmer than booty shorts around the house.

I got stuff from Lush for the first time (ordered online because I cannot enter the store) and so far most of it ends up making me smell like a baby 's head??

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If you ever find yourself policing someone else’s identity, a really neat trick you can do is just not.

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When nighttime me tries to sort out daytime me's issues.

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Me: I don't believe in non scientific things
Also Me: (as I knock on wood) don't say that, don't tempt the fates!!

A confusing thing is going on where I can't tell if there's a federating/tech issue or if someone blocked me but i can still see their profile??

i can't see their toots or follow them from this instance. i can see their toots from my accounts on other instances (i'm not going to try to follow them/interact in case they did block me).

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An old friend once told me that we should still have church but it should just be we watch an episode of Star Trek and then we talk about it.

What's supposed to go on a coffee table? Mine has 17 different kinds of stuff and that seems incorrect.

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the most passive aggressive company in the world? or just the US and perhaps the UK

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