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Gonna learn to code DNA because capitalism will never develop the catgirl vaccine on its own.

The "mandela effect" of vader saying "Luke, I am your father." rather than, "No, I am your father." is just because the second doesn't stand on its own as well.

This guy does in-depth videos about the LA Metro projects and they're worth watching if, like me, you're interested but not devoted enough to go search for it. Anyway, this long video summarizes the two Sepulveda line proposals (subway or monorail) and why the monorail proposal has... issues that make its tempting price tag not so realistic. But why we might get it anyway (corruption).

Me and my wife had discussed the idea of a project to document free and open medicines and I'm glad someone is actually doing it. Not that I could, that's way outside my wheelhouse but the basic idea is something I love.

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Just make some insulin and be like, "Yo, who wants this?"

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if I had space and money my other thing I'd like to play with is genetic engineering. just wait until that becomes the new DIY thing.

I've got bangs
they're misbehaving
and I'm taking control


I appreciate that this one reviewer understands that, yeah, it's bullying and yeah, it's uncomfortable, but the fans of the show are 100% down for being bullied in that way. She's more Sadistic Pixie Dream Girl than anything else.

Which, you know. I haven't seen the anime but I've read enough of the manga to know where it's going.

I'm guessing not many mastodon devs use Vagrant...

Ah, my monthly issue of Better Stoats and Martens has arrived.


It's so weird! It doesn't take that long! Poop germs are quite bad! It's like the, "I don't need to wash my WHOLE body, my legs and ass are fine." and like, you have to make an EFFORT to do that tbh

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One of the barstool dudes is like, "Do you wash your hands after using the bathroom if you're alone or are you a liar?" and like wtf bro

wow lucky for me I JUST started parting my hair in the middle

Can't believe that JK Rowling was fired from her job of making millions of dollars to make up weird racist shit.

My hair is all done but it's new so it's kind of weird

How should I get my hair cut?

I ordered the stepper motors, drivers, and controller for my CNC build. I haven't finished the plans for the frame but I've settled on these.

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