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Toriko comes across mostly the same in every version, which is kind of funny. I did notice that she wasn't inserting random English, which makes me wonder if they're just going to leave it out and translate all the English dialogue into Japanese... which would sort of be my preference rather than how jarring it is when you have characters who are supposed to be bilingual but can't speak English at all.

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So, my thoughts on now that the first episode has come out:

It's pretty good! I kind of feel like the Otherside isn't... blue enough, but frankly, it's not like any of the depictions are going to be the same as what I had in my mind while reading.

I do think the choice to have very little internal monologue is interesting, because the novels are very much written from Sorawo's perspective and she actually comes off as less of a weird jerk when you don't hear what she's thinking.

But probably won't be since it's not like my boss understands it.

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Anyway I have to get back to doing my own stupid job which absolutely can be automated away.

AI doesn't need to be smart enough to solve very hard problems as well as a very smart human can, it just needs to be able to add a new widget and do the grunt work thousands or millions of times faster than you can and there's no reason it can't do that.

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shouting from the rooftops that the tech industry is not a safe haven while everything else collapses around you because AI WILL automate lots of those jobs away.

Boston Dynamics really doesn't have a good name for a proper cyberpunk villain vibe tho. Say what you will about Peter Thiel but he would've named it something like Balrog.

Pelosi is out here proving that women can break barriers in failing upwards just as much as men.

JK Rowling 

i cannot believe that JK Rowling got an award from the BBC for posting through it.

learning to 3d print and use cnc machines so in the commune we can be self sufficient and make our own supply of D :dnd: D figures and novelty engraved nameplates

Adventures in OSHA Non-Compliance with Airborne Kingdom, a flying city-builder game.

Hopefully once I bump Radical Town to 3.3.0 archiving will work again. Also once some of this shit is cleaned up.

Otherside Picnic is SO GOOD but I feel this doesn't really capture why, exactly. But watch it, it's on in like a week.

*cracks knuckles*
okay let's fold this porbtein


Protein, right.

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(I have no education, nor work experience in any related field)

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Glassdoor: You look like a good fit for this job as a molecular research scientist.

uh... do I?

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