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Adventures in OSHA Non-Compliance with Airborne Kingdom, a flying city-builder game.

Hopefully once I bump Radical Town to 3.3.0 archiving will work again. Also once some of this shit is cleaned up.

Otherside Picnic is SO GOOD but I feel this doesn't really capture why, exactly. But watch it, it's on in like a week.

*cracks knuckles*
okay let's fold this porbtein


Protein, right.

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(I have no education, nor work experience in any related field)

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Glassdoor: You look like a good fit for this job as a molecular research scientist.

uh... do I?

i wonder if lavos' passive also helps keep him from getting knocked down by explosions

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same goes for voidrig's melee.. is it good? Not really. does it send enemies flying? it does and that's why I use it

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me: oh neat, the kuva bramma has a wild explosion radius

[enemies go ragdolling across the map]

pffft haha

What's with everyone doing like 4 rounds of Orphix Venom and then bailing? I still have to farm a bunch of shit.

People like to make Gura a little sister type but no, she's far more of a gremlin type.

Richard Dawkins 

Dawkins is mad about the war on

I think it's interesting that people use 'waifu' wrt fictional characters they are interested in, but in Azumanga Daioh, Kimura was referring to his actual literal wife when he says it.

Been wandering through playlists looking for background music and I dunno what this mix of ambient and latin jazz is but it's pretty cool?

Be nice to Gura you nerds (not you nerds, the other nerds).

Since I discovered this gif I realized I need to use it more.


Anyway if I have any mutuals that play warframe tell me your ingame name and I'll send you something for tennobaum.

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