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Minor spoilers for Adachi and Shimamura 

And like, you kind of get it because Shimamura is very... non-committal and refuses to get close to people. So she both wants to be close to Adachi but also gets annoyed when she's TOO close. I hope they get together because otherwise I'm gonna get pissed off at her for knowing Adachi's feelings and leading her on instead of setting boundaries.

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Minor spoilers for Adachi and Shimamura 

I WILL say one thing I like about the light novels vs. the manga(s) or anime is that, uh, no, actually, Shimamura isn't stupid and she's aware of the intense gay vibes she's getting, she just denies them.

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I dunno why I like Adachi and Shimamura as much as I do. I guess because while the setup is your basic yuri one, it's as much about being awkward, disaffected teens as anything else.

Shark Tits Content Strategy 

Still great when I get radical town admin spam.
"Hi - I was surfing and I really liked your content strategy."

My content strategy:

Also I'm still planning on quitting! So them being unable to update anything would be bad.

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You know, it's not my job to code anything but sometimes my life would be a lot easier if I could just patch in whatever I need on the software we use. We have the source.

But the company doesn't use any source control. 🙃

Just once I'd like for people to be able to do their jobs without me having to do it for them. Just once.

I think a lot of people don't know that in CA you can change genders on your driver's license with self-ID as of 2019 and that non-binary (X) is also an option.

Especially trans girls and nb students. Not because trans boys are bad, but because for a few years almost all of our trans students were trans guys and it suggested me that trans girls were afraid to come out.

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It warms my heart when I see more and more trans students.

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*yelling at the computer* stop changing genders goddamn it

face down ass up thats the way i stretch my back

Self Harm (But not really) 

So like. I apparently get messages when a student tries to search for information about self-harm. I wish I wouldn't, but I still do. I've seen one that was worrying, but all the rest are... really goofy. Like,

"my mom is singing karaoke in the other room i want to die"

I have to keep screaming at people that a lot of this stuff they enter has to make sense with like, linear time. A program ends on one day and starts on the next, etc. They can't be in two things at once, so it's set by date! I have to fix so many things! And I've already told this person about it!

I found about this song because it was sort of a meme song on Forgotten VCR but it's actually kind of a "banger". 90's poppy j-rock.

Ok that's enough of trying to make games with Rust.

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