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I bet I could replace most of my work with an AI. But the real trick is that I should make an AI that does it and then just fuck off and play games and sleep while I get paid.

Boobs, GRS, Insurance 

I can tell you that there is a surgeon in LA that takes Medi-Cal, for instance, and he has a short list. I went with someone else for my GRS, but he did my GRS. The US healthcare industry sucks ass because it banks on being able to take advantage of the people that can least advocate for themselves, but you can get more than you might think if you're annoying, or if you find an LGBT center or something to help you advocate. Some insurance companies have departments that deal with trans stuff specifically, too.

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Boobs, GRS, Insurance 

ALSO, it really really pays to a) look into what is available and b) yell at your insurance and c) get insurance...

I got mine done at the same time as vaginoplasty so it was mostly covered, and I had a friend get FFS covered by insurance... it can be cheaper to pay for insurance for a while than to pay out of pocket, so it pays to be annoying and ask a lot of questions, because you can get a lot more out of them than you might think based on what they tell you initially.

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If you want them and you can afford them or get your insurance to pay for them I recommend doing it.

Oh I will say that mine were done over the muscle because I had a fair amount of breast tissue it was just... not full because of being trans and having broad shoulders. Under the muscle might be a lot more difficult as far as recovery, so I can't really speak for that.

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ok but I'm still super happy with how my boobs look. I was somewhat nervous because the terven love to shout about how trans women are parodies of women and artificial and blah blah blah and it can sometimes get to you but fuck you nice boobs are nice

Administrator 1: please do this thing
Me: ok

Administrator 2 or 3 a few weeks later: whoa who did this thing???

Gonna start calling myself a humorist and just start slapping leeches on everyone.

I know better to ask whatever happened to certain posters because either they were outed as sex pests or they blocked me.

That's no way to treat an expensive musical instrument!

I need some new dresses that are cute, please tell me where is good and don't say thrift shops because it's 2020 and COVID.

Weight Loss 

Yay I'm back down to not just my pre-COVID weight but to my pre-surgery weight. I always feel weird being self-conscious about weight for a lot of reasons. But at the very least I need to get back to the point where all my old clothes fit because I am not buying a ton of jeans again.

I do sympathize for the latter because how 'and' is used in English is different, but even so.

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Things that apparently confuse people: the linear flow of time. Basic logical concepts like 'and' and 'or'.

"We want our users to do things before everything opens."


"But also we want to hide everything that they do from these other users."

You can't do that. You have to choose between either doing things early or hiding things.

"But I want both.'

You can't have it.

"But can I have it?"

No. Choose one.



We will not be commenting on the fuckability of the nut at this time.


"Hi can you set so-and-so up?"

You have to do that part.

"Really? I don't know how."


Why are people always dicks to robots in sci fi? Like, our roomba is literally a circle with wheels and it still feels animate and we anthropomorphize it.

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