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My boss needs to stop assuming we're all workaholic weirdos who are glued to our computer 24/7.

I'm always shocked when I see mutual's viral post in the wild. In this case, it was @jimpjorps

Elon Musk naming his child X Æ A-12 is goofy, sure, but it's another level when you realize his first company was and he bought in 2017 for 'sentimental reasons'. Dude named his kid after his company and the domain name he had.

Anyway, please congratulate us for expecting our new child, Radical Town.

ok idc what the muskspawn is called, boris johnson's kid is named willie johnson and i can't stop giggling

I identify as someone whom Graham Linehan refuses to debate. Because it's true.

I make no apologies for loving the Dresden Dolls at the time but that's it.

Cinco de Mayo may not be a real thing but I will use it as an excuse to make tacos. Probably cochinita pibil?

Writing a dissertation on why Caroline Calloway's most recent ass pic is so sinister.

My keyboard broke the other day (I broke it) and per @dewtroid's suggestion I got a WASD Code and it's a very nice keyboard. I got the Cherry MX Brown switches because I like having my keys be tactile but not too loud that they're annoying.

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