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3.1.2 bump is done but expect a bit more downtime as I patch some things on the server.

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Radtown will bounce in a little bit for an update.

my main is :ffxiv_dnc: but I am working on :ffxiv_sam: ... what should I work on next?

Maybe some kind of LA Mastodon get together in May?

My problem with the Viera is that they cannot wear hats and I want to wear hats.

kevin they're just called toots and anyone can make one you can just ask for an invite link.

my geek comedy music show:
take my down to the pair of dice city
where the trolls are green
and I roll all 20s
oh won't you please take me home

bloomberg shilling subway is the saddest thing because subway is an awful sandwich chain sito. jimmy johns is worse but...

Actually, gonna make it slightly longer to apply some other patches. Still shouldn't be long.

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We're gonna bounce in a few minutes for a minor patch. It shouldn't be like the last time, this just fixes contrast on a few themes.

Y'all I fucking did it, I've been working on this shit for 3 fucking years and I'm finally able to doxx the Cheeto in Chief. Do with this information what you will.

Real name:
Donald John Trump

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
NW Washington, DC 20500

Phone number:

they call me brian worm
good morning how are you i'm brian worm

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Last night, in my dream I heard a rich dude yelling at his failson.

Father: Why don't you clean up around here? What ARE these?! Eggshells?!

Son: Oh, like you don't leave your things all over the place!

Father: They're *trees*, just *chilling*!

Sorry, there was a bug that didn't show up when I tested. Rather, it didn't grind everything to a halt when I tested.

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