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So for the last few weeks, a dude has come by my work each night and put twigs into the lock. Well, not each night, but most nights. He doesn't seem to be homeless. Since I often get in first in the morning, I've found the lock jammed with... twigs.

People are asking and I mean they comparisons to mayor Pete

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Rats are intelligent, sensitive creatures that don't deserve this

DNC hire me to make your apps. I have no experience but I also have never worked for any campaign

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Radical town works better than the Iowa caucus app and I'm a dumbass.

this instance will always be baby nut free this i promise to you

you'd think this would be a no-brainer but it happens CONSTANTLY. People forget what name they had in high school.

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oh my fucking god if you're requesting a transcript from high school and you've been married PLEASE REQUEST IT WITH YOUR MAIDEN NAME


This week is a perfect encapsulation of why liberalism does not work.

I finally got around to playing Manifold Garden and I highly, highly recommend it. I remember this shit from long, long ago when it first was some experiments that the dude posted on his Twitter. I guess 2019 was the year for long in-development indie projects to finally come out.

Only knock against it is it's only on the Epic store on PC for now.

Blood, Needles 

So I'm used to sometimes getting a bit of blood when I do my estrogen injection but yesterday was the first time that I took the needle out and blood sprayed out. oops.

Light Novels, Kobold King 

Man, Kobold King is a tricky one. The premise is straightforward: A gentle giant soldier retires and goes to live in the forest by himself, only to befriend a pack of doggos (kobolds).

It sounds cute, and it is, but it really takes a few dark turns that don't feel out of place but rather make you feel that these characters are desperately trying to carve out a peaceful chunk of a dangerous world.

What I noticed most of all was that the translation was exceptionally good. Light novels tend to have a problem where dialogue is sort of flattened and loses nuance and characterization, but Kobold King's translator handles it exceedingly well, so that jokes and personalities shine through.

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