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Ignoring my doctor's advice and instead insisting on taking it sleazy.

@cambrian_era someone play taps for the helldude, and 'i like ur ballsac', which died with him

Hey devs this is an important announcement. I will be working with popular leftist youtuber Noncompete to create a peertue instance and I am looking for people to help me out. If you have any experience working with peertube or UI design or want to help shoot me a dm!

We are going to make something that can really have a shot at combating youtube and I think now might be a tipping point for us to make a big push.

My bimbofication got some wires crossed and now I'm a small white bear.

Reminder that users can send invites at this time, I'm not going to have the time and energy to vet open registrations for a while tho.

The place that is replacing the matcha place is called labobatory and it took me a minute to figure out it was like LA BOBA tory.

Also fetching is somehow broken on my laptop so that's why I haven't done easy updates. I gotta be able to sit around long enough to fix a git repo and I barely understand git as it is.

I'll update our stuff once I can sit in a chair long enough to do it.

I can't wait until I can sit long enough to get a hair cut. I'm going short again.

Boobs, breast augmentation 

I'm at the point in my recovery where I want to do more than my body is really capable of.

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