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Like, they built these huge places and imagine if I could like, have a workshop and like a little storefront to sell shit?? And there'd be a bunch of people there living near each other with a variety of shit. I dunno.

I just get pissed at how much empty, unused buildings we have when I can't fucking rent 100 sq ft of space for a workshop.

I want to take an abandoned shopping mall, chop the shop sizes in pieces, and make it a work/live space. I want a place to work is all!

Sad that we on Mastodon missed Archie Carter becoming a meme.

So... from what I can tell, virtualbox and vagrant ARE forwarding their ports and open but I still can't connect?

I wish I had thought of the display name 'jake paul sartre.'

"I'm in the middle of my wedding here."
"Ohhh congratulations!!! :) :) So anyway, I forgot my password."

"Do you take this woman, to have and to hold, to love and to cherish, to--" *my phone rings*
"Sorry to bug you Merisa, it's just we're having a hell of a time with the software."

"Hey, can you fix X?"
"I'm not that department anymore, but I passed it on to them."
"Cool can you also fix Y?"

We're still gonna do a real wedding later after I recover from GRS BUT... yeah.

Anyone who lives in LA should understand that if I text that I am driving I will not be available to respond to your next 20 texts.

Yeah I like boobs too but seriously, read the rules.

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