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Listen I already play the only mobile games worth playing: Ones wher eyou collect anthropomorphized versions of random things like food

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They're making a new commander keen and it's like some fuckin mobile gatcha shit??

Hmmmm. Considering watching this game tonight

The wild thing about Andrew Bird is that he can make en entire album of different versions showing the evolution of one song and completely exclude the bonus track that had a bunch of the lyrics that he released a few years back.

Job interviewer: Would you like some coffee?

Me: [a bead of sweat forms on my forehead as I clasp my hands together, elbows on the table] The game begins.

The thing about cryptids is: I'm huge on paleontology and so that already has all the weird animals I need.

And just to be clear: I am able to afford this and will continue to do so as long as I can. So I would never ask anyone to forego donating to others or anything to help us maintain it.

But if you have a spare few bucks it is appreciated.

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I wish I could have like, a tip jar that showed every month how much we had without also being like, something with a set funding goal?

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Because I was asked, I do have a Cash fund at $CambrianEra if anyone wants to donate funds for the server. We pay about $40 a month right now for hosting.

Vox union news: They announced a few minutes ago they reached an agreement with Vox Media.

More like Palmer Suckey but honestly I do want an Oculus Quest.

Wait, Martha's The Void isn't just just a Lovecraftian sci-fi song, it's inspired by their tabletop RPG game? lmao nerds. I love them.

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