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If you have a moment, please wish @helldude a happy birthday!!!!!!

Tales of Wind aka Laplace M is.. okay? I dunno. for a mobile MMO I enjoy it because it mostly auto plays but there is some gameplay if I have time

Glad that Eve led me to that cover of Cut Your Bangs which led me to Martha.

I thought this Sound of Ceres album had a Dark Souls influence.

Programming Thoughts 

I wonder if autodidact... icisim(??) is a common trait for ADHD folks because I do much better when learning for myself.

I am very good at learning things but very bad at paying attention to things.

Sure, you say that I shouldn't post there but you ALSO say that I shouldn't be mean.

Usually I post stuff both on :birdsite: and here but during GoT it becomes unusable if I don't want to be spoiled, which is one of the best things about this.

GoT Season 7 

GoT Season 7 

I've been fucking around with rust recently.

I really gotta fix my gif search to work with >8meg files.

I'm going to be the first person ever to post through it and survive.

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The other fun thing about Doom 2016 is that the story is basically just Repercussions of Evil.

Ok, finished Doom 2016. It was pretty fun, tbh. The movement is really what makes it so much more like an older generation of FPS I think.

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