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I want a job where I can hang out in a cafe and work.

New Computer 

Bunnies are so cute and I want to pet them but not have to take care of multiple bunnies. What I'm saying is please let me pet your bunnies.

I think I'm just gonna buy a new computer... once @dewtroid wakes up and tells me all my hardware choices are dumb.

I really need to get a new one but I hate how much money I've been spending recently. But I do need a new computer... ugh.

Hello! My desktop computer is being a dick!

I want to organize and decorate it but have to wait for @dewtroid

There new apartment looks so nice. From this one angle that doesn't show all the boxes


*packing box after box of shoes* I wonder if I have too many shoes.

I posted a Tweet about Star Wars and Duncan Idaho and every single dude responding to it has a beard.

The nerds are worked up about the movies about space wizards and lazer swords not being realistic.

Prednizone is no joke... I feel way better today.

But right now my back hurts and I'm exhausted and tomorrow I have to pack a bunch and Saturday I'm having movers move stuff so it will be a while.

Next thing I gotta fix is markdown when getting pleroma posts.

The character limit thing was because of a front-end thing so be sure to refresh.

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